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Democracy & Justice Studies

Alison Staudinger

Alison Staudinger
Assistant Professor
Internship Coordinator
MAC A317
(920) 465-2443

Alison Staudinger joined the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies in Fall 2012. Previously, she taught for two years at Loyola University in Chicago, in the Political Science and Honors department. Before Chicago, she lived in Washington, D.C., and attended University of Maryland-College Park as a doctoral student in government and politics. Her dissertation examines the historical relationship of citizenship and waged labor in the United States. Her research interests include work, food politics, constitution and public law, human rights, gender, con-temporary democratic theory and citizenship. She holds a bachelor's degree from Seattle University and a master's from the University of Maryland. Her courses include Law & Society, American Political Thought, Political Theory, Gender and the Law, Constitutional Law, and American Government and Politics. She is also the internship coordinator for the department.