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The ECCP Process


Phase 1: Filling Out and Submitting the ECCP Form to Your School

  • If you know the courses you want to take, great! If you would like some help or advice for picking classes, contact us at with your questions or to set up a meeting with the program coordinator 
  • Complete the ECCP form with your requested courses.
  • Give your completed form to your school counselor who will email it, along with your transcript, to

Phase 2: Completing Your Online Application

Before you can be put into any classes, you have to do the online application.

Follow the instructions below and let us know if you have questions or get stuck.


Phase 3: Getting into Your Courses

Your courses might have requirements that you need to prove you’ve fulfilled. UW-Green Bay will ask your school counselor for your AP scores, ACT or SAT scores, or anything else that proves you’re ready to take the class.

The Early College Credit Program Coordinator will contact you and your school counselor about whether or not you are eligible for your course(s) and about building your schedule.

The ECCP Coordinator will register you for your course(s) when registration opens and will send you and your school counselor an email with your course information. Note: students may not register themselves for courses.


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