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What is "Fusion"?

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) Fusion Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration initiated by the First Nations Studies (FNS) faculty to promote the fusing of FNS core knowledge into existing courses in other disciplines such as Education. The "Fusion" design features an efficient, effective and institutionalized way of imparting selected information through the strategy of fusing First Nations Studies (FNS) core knowledge into existing courses. FNS core knowledge is organized into "four pillars of learning." The Pillars are: history, laws and policies, sovereignty, and indigenous philosophy. The pillars provide a base from which faculty participants draw upon for inclusion into their classes. In this way, First Nations knowledge becomes part of that basic stream of information reaching students in other disciplines.

The model uses an integrative approach to incorporate information about American Indians into the curriculum in a way that reflects a holistic tribal world view.