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Full Circle: Education for a Diverse Society

What is Full Circle?

FULL CIRCLE is the name of the consulting partnership in multicultural education created by Dorothy Davids and Ruth Gudinas. They work separately or together as a team, conducting workshops on a variety of topics in education for a diverse society.

Muh-he-con-neew Press is a non-profit publishing group run by volunteers from the Mohican Nation.

What are Full Circle's Objectives?

  • To encourage an open sharing of ideas related to multicultural education and individual/group differences.
  • To provide an opportunity for groups to build a spirit of cooperation and solidarity.
  • To enable groups to translate thoughts and ideas into action.
  • To provide a setting where individuals can relax and get in touch with their own spirituality through personal reflection or group sharing.

Who is Full Circle?

Dorothy Davids is a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians and a retired educator. She has spent much of her professional life as an advocate for American Indian people. A group dynamics specialist, she has also facilitated workshops on cultural awareness, Native American women and bias in educational materials. She has a wide personal knowledge of Native American literature, issues and resources and has made significant contributions in the development of curriculum for and about Native people.

Ruth Gudinas, also a retired educator, has served as a resource to teachers and others in the evaluation of instructional materials for bias and the development of multicultural, non-sexist curriculum. Her present work and interests are focused on the problems of racism, sexism and other biases in American society, especially as they affect youngsters. She believes that providing students with a genuine multicultural education, wherever they live or whatever their background, is a national necessity for the ‘90s.