The Mohican People: Their Lives and Their Land

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The Mohican People: Their Lives and Their Land
Author: Dorothy Davids, Laurie Frank, Ruth Gudinas, Kasey Rae Anne Kelp, and Barbara Miller,  7 parts; Published: 2008
The Mohican People Their Lives and Their Lands is a curriculum unit dedicated to the people of the Mohican Nation for youth grades four to five. There are seven sections: Foundations, Background: The Muh-He-Con-Ne-Ok, The Mohican and the Coming of Europeans, the Stockbridge Mohicans and the American Revolution, Chief Ninham: Forgotten Hero, Moving and Moving - and Moving Again, and lastly Life Today for the Mohicans.

A Brief History of the Mohican Nation
Author: Dorothy Davids, 14 pages; Published: 2001.
Some of the topics covered in A Brief History of the Mohican Nation: Stockbridge-Munsee Band include the origin and early history of the Mohican people, the Mohican reservation and territory, and a visual map of "The Many Trails of the Mohican Nation" which shows the locations in which the Mohican people were relocated. On the contrary, Davids also describes what Stockbridge is like today including a more recent map of the Stockbridge-Munsee community.

Chief Ninham Forgotten Hero 
Author: Eva Jean Bowman 53 pages; Published: 1999 
In this colorfully illustrated children's book, Bowman tells the story of Chief Daniel Ninham and his stockbridge warriors who fought and died protecting their tribal land in the Revolutionary War.

Inner Dreams
Author: Dorothy Davids, 51 pages; Published: 2007
Inner Dreams is a collection of poems written by Dorothy Davids based on her personal life and experiences during the 1960s and 1970s. These poems reflect Dorothy's journey of self-awareness and discovering the world as a young, female Native American educator.

Mama's Little One
Author: Kristina Heath, 30 pages; Published: 1996       [Children's book]
In Mama's Little One, a mother teaches her son the importance of honesty, the meaning of working hard through physical tasks that help benefit his family and the community, what it means to be helpful, and lastly to show love, compassion, and kindness to others.

School Days: Memories of Life in Morgan Siding 1925-1933
Author: Harry Bauman, 49 pages; Published: 2006
Harry Bauman describes his academic experience in the Morgan School system in the 1920s and how the Great Depression, and the time period between WWI and WWII made attending school very difficult. Morgan School was built in an area more or less populated by people of the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe, the classes ranged from first grade to eighth grade.
Stories of Our Elders      
Author: Mohican Youth, 21 pages; Published: 1999
Youth of the Mohican Nation collected personal stories from fourteen different elders of the Stockbridge-Munsee (Mohican) community. The goal of Stories of Our Elders is for the elders to be recognized and honored, and also for the youth to get to know and learn from their stories and knowledge.