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Pre K-12

The Professional Program in Education's Center for First Nations Studies offers an in house resource library of First Nations books, materials, and classroom lessons for pre-service, Pre K-12, and college teachers.

The following are links to electronic lesson plans and activities for educators of Pre K–12 grades. These can be used to implement the Wisconsin State mandate Act 31, which requires the teaching of Wisconsin First Nations history, culture and sovereignty in public schools.

  • PreK-12 - A Haudenosaunee Approach to Culture Based Curriculum: Maple Syrup Season is a curriculum created by Priscella E Dessart and Stephanie M Muscavitch, both of the Oneida Nation and graduates of Master's of Science-Applied Leadership in Teaching and Learning Program at UWGB.

    "Current literature on the subject of First Nations education agrees that it is traditionally holistic in nature and created on the interrelated pieces of the culture that contribute to the cultural continuity of a people, (Cajete,1994; Cornelius, 1999). Research also shows that the current Western method of teaching children creates an unspoken competition between academics and culture (Hermes, 2000; Hermes, 2006). This project presents a culture-based curriculum for 6th graders that focuses on the maple syrup season. The core curriculum was created to be utilized by Culture teachers in tribal schools. Our goals for this project are to first demonstrate that infusing culture into a school curriculum beyond the superficial integration of cultural content is not only achievable but possibly a key to improving performance among First Nations students; and second to show that through instruction that is culturally relevant and holistic, First Nations students can reconnect with their cultural identity thereby breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma while living and maintain their cultural heritage."

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