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Professional Program inEducation


Professor Tim Kaufman

Tim Kaufman
Associate Professor
Chair of Education



Message from the Chair

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students in the Professional Program in Education, I would like to welcome you to our website. In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin System; the Institute for Learning Partnership; and our colleagues in local schools, agencies, institutions, and organizations, we seek to prepare candidates for the teaching profession through a high-quality, standards-based teacher education program. Furthermore, we prepare candidates to serve effectively the educational needs of the region within the context of the larger society. Our program builds upon the Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Licensure and is characterized by:

  • A shared vision of teaching excellence defined within a strong relationship with faculty across the university and the PK-12 schools
  • A rigorous core curriculum, including field experiences, with a well-defined scope and sequence based on identified standards for practice and performance
  • A strong focus on content and pedagogy
  • A commitment to the integration of technology throughout the curriculum as an essential tool for learning in the 21st century.
  • The provision of extensive and intensive field-based experiences working directly with children and families from diverse backgrounds.
  • An environment that promotes and supports inquiry as the basis for authentic learning.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate proficiency through performance-based assessments with clearly defined rubrics and identified timelines.
  • A focus and commitment to effective communication and ethical decision making

Graduates of our program possess the strong content knowledge and effective pedagogical skills needed to successfully enter the teaching profession at the Initial Educator licensing level. As a faculty, we support the knowledge, skills and dispositions that ground the discipline of teaching. Moreover, our graduates have demonstrated their proficiency and competence in both content knowledge and pedagogical skill .