Degree Requirements of Electrical Engineering Technology

These are the course and credit requirements for a Major in Electrical Engineering Technology. View the Electrical Engineering Technology Major on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Supporting Courses:32
WF 100
First Year Writing
MATH 202
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MATH 203
Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH 320
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Fundamentals of Physics I
or PHYSICS 201
Principles of Physics I
ET 101
Fundamentals of Engineering Technology
ET 105
Fundamentals of Drawing
ET 206
Chemistry for Engineers
ENGR 236
Technical Writing
Fundamentals Courses:28
ET 142
Introduction to Programming
ET 250
Continuous Signals and Linear Systems
ENGR 120
Electrical Circuits I
ENGR 121
Electrical Circuits I Lab
ENGR 210
Electrical Circuits II
ENGR 211
Electrical Circuits II Lab
ENGR 222
Electronic Devices
ENGR 223
Electronic Devices Lab
ENGR 224
Electrical Codes, Safety, and Standards
ENGR 320
Energy Conversion
ENGR 321
Energy Conversion Lab
ENGR 328
Microcontrollers and Programmable Logic Controllers
ENGR 329
Microcontrollers and Programmable Logic Controllers Lab
Advanced Courses:25
ET 340
Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
ET 342
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
ET 350
Data Communication and Protocols
ET 360
Project Management
ENGR 310
Digital Logic Design
ENGR 311
Digital Logic Design Lab
ENGR 346
Electrical Power Systems
ENGR 348
Electromagnetic Fields and Applications
ENGR 434
Power Electronics
Capstone Requirement:3
ET 400
Co-op/Internship in Engineering Technology
or ET 410
Capstone Project
Technical Electives: (choose three courses)9
ET 415
Solar and Alternate Energy Systems
ENGR 334
Industrial Decision Processes
ENGR 402
Smart Cities: Engineering the Future
ENGR 414
Power System Analysis and Protection
ENGR 426
Wireless Communications
ENGR 428
Wireless Networks
ENGR 493
Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ENGR 498
Independent Study
ENGR 494
Total Credits97