Learning Outcomes

Environmental Engineering Technology Learning Outcomes

  1. Program graduates will be employed as an environmental engineering technologist and perform all functions assigned to an environmental engineering technologist.
  2. Graduates will apply multidisciplinary approaches including engineering, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geosciences, and biology to manage the unique challenges and balance the competing social, political, economic, and technical goals of environmental problems and solutions.
  3. Graduates will exhibit a desire for life-long learning through higher education, technical training, teaching, membership in professional societies, and other developmental activities and will achieve positions of increased responsibility through these activities.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate high levels of oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, responsibility and ethical behavior, and leadership in their careers.
  5. Graduates will function effectively both as a leader and as a member of project teams and demonstrate an appreciation for diversity.

​See also, Engineering Technology Student Learning Outcomes (pdf).

4-Year Plan

Each Engineering Tech major is designed to be completed in four years. Our four-year plan helps ensure you take required courses in the order they need to be taken so you can stay on track and graduate on time.

Environmental Engineering Technology Careers

Thrive in the field whether the job is outdoors or in. The choice is yours with these popular careers:
  • Environmental consultant
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment
  • Sustainability manager
  • Park naturalist
  • Health and safety manager
  • Environmental quality technologist
  • Compliance technologist
  • Laboratory manager
  • Hazardous waste technologist