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Catherine A. Henze

Catherine A. Henze
Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies & Women's and Gender Studies
TH 399
(920) 465-2465

Professor Henze's teaching areas include humanities, Renaissance literature and music, women in literature, and environmental literature. She is particularly interested in the role of music in English Renaissance theater. Secondarily, she is interested in American women's frontier narratives, particularly as they relate to the environment.

Research Interests: Henze's scholarship focuses on music and Elizabethan and Jacobean drama. She is currently working on the original music in Shakespeare's plays.

Recent Publications: "Unraveling Beaumont from Fletcher with Music, Misogyny, and Masque." in Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, 2004 Spring; 44 (2): 379-404.

"The Jacobean Stage as Limbeck: Alchemical Transformation in Beaumont and Fletcher's The Captain and Splendor Solis." in Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism, 2001 Fall; 20 (2): 8-19.

"Invisible Collaboration: The Impact of Johnson's Original Music." in Text & Presentation: The Journal of the Comparative Drama Conference, 2001 Apr; 22: 75-87.

"How Music Matters: Some Songs of Robert Johnson in the Plays of Beaumont and Fletcher." in Comparative Drama, 2000 Spring; 34 (1): 1-32.

"Music as Women's Defense 'against Malicious Detractors': The Case of Beaumont and Fletcher's The Woman Hater." in the Ben Jonson Journal: Literary Contexts in the Age of Elizabeth, James and Charles, 2000; 7: 403-19.

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago, M.A. University of Idaho, B.A. University of Arkansas (with teacher certification in both music and English)


  • English 336: American Ethnic Literature (Online)
  • English 338: World Literatures (Online)
  • English 431: Shakespeare