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Learning Outcomes

Students in the English major will:
  • Critically read and interpret diverse literary texts using literary techniques, contextual information, scholarly research, and/or theoretical lenses.
  • Create original works that demonstrate a unique voice, argument, and/or point of view and that reflect familiarity with key themes in the broader fields of literary studies and creative writing.
  • Understand complex social and historical contexts that have shaped and continue to shape literature.
  • Critique the systems of power and privilege that have shaped literature and our relationship to those systems.
In addition to the above-listed Outcomes for English majors, students in the Creative Writing emphasis in English will:
  • Create, draft, and revise works in multiple genres and forms.
  • Analyze the techniques and construction of various written expressions.
  • Critique works by peers and published authors alike in various classroom settings, including the writing workshop.
  • Situate their work within a larger audience of readers and publishing markets.