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New Courses

Fall 2014

English 305: Novel Writing Workshop

It's exciting times in the English Department as two full sections of students are embarking on one of the most pursued artistic dreams: to write the Great American Novel.

English 436: Major Authors: Cormac McCarthy

Is this indeed No Country for Old Men? Are we on a journey down the apocalyptic path known as The Road? Students enrolled in Dr. Bryan Vescio's Major Authors course dig in for intense study of one of America’s most compelling authors.

Coming Soon! Spring 2015

English 312: Topics in Creative Writing: Screenwriting

Do you think you might have a chance to write the next Good Will Hunting or Lost in Translation? Join Dr. Carl Battaglia in this creative writing workshop and take your first step toward cinematic fame.

English 436: Major Authors: Lord Byron

He was a rouge. A rake. A free spirit. He was also one of the English tradition’s most enduring poets. Join new faculty member Dr. Rebecca Nesvet in a semester-long study of this fascinating, legendary literary figure.

English 331: Major Prose: Experimental Fiction and Introduction to Digital Humanities

Do want to read experimental books while simultaneously doing experimental interpretive projects of that work? Join Dr. Rybak in reading such cult novels as Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves, and engage these texts with an introduction to digital humanities. What is Digital Humanities (DH)? Instead of writing traditional essays we will blog, tweet, map, collect and analyze data, and create character networks. Consider joining us in this work that is both fun and skill building.