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Minor Requirements

These are the course and credit requirements for an Environmental Policy & Planning Minor. View the Environmental Policy & Planning Minor on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Supporting Courses11
PU EN AF 102
Environment and Society
PU EN AF 250
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Choose two of the following courses:
ECON 203
Micro Economic Analysis
PU EN AF 202
Introduction to Public Policy
PU EN AF 215
Introduction to Public Administration
Upper-Level Courses14-15
Complete these required courses:
PU EN AF 301
Environmental Politics and Policy
PU EN AF 322
Environmental Planning
Complete three of the following courses:
PU EN AF 305/ECON 305
Natural Resources Economic Policy
PU EN AF 306
Regulatory Policy and Administration
PU EN AF 323
Sustainable Land Use
PU EN AF 324
Transitioning to Sustainable Communities
PU EN AF 350
GIS in Public and Environmental Policy
PU EN AF 351
Water Resources Policy and Management
PU EN AF 378
Environmental Law
PU EN AF 379
Natural Resources Policy, Law, and Administration
PU EN AF 408
Public Policy Analysis
PU EN AF 431
Building Sustainable Landscapes
PU EN AF 497
Total Credits25-26