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Anne Schauer at Marquette University

Environmental Science and Policy graduates have been successful in many different positions including research, government, industry, and consulting. Several have continued their educations at PhD granting institutions. Here is a sample of some of the recent graduates: who they are, what they are doing, why they chose UWGB, and what benefits resulted from the experience.



Alumni Thesis/Project Names

Thesis/Project Title
Christian Waltman 5/1/10 Mapping and Characterization of Springs in Brown and Caluemt Counties, Wisconsin. See Abstract Fermanich
Lisa Ashenbrenner 5/1/10 The Role of Food Cooperatives in Building More Sustainable Communities: A Case Study for Food Cooperatives In or Near Wisconsin See Abstract Stoll
Brenton Butterfield 5/1/10 A Probability-Based Indicator of Inland Lake Condition Based on Aquatic Macrophytes Wolf
Richard Novy 5/1/10 Acoustic Bat Surveys in Forested Landscapes of Northern Wisconsin, USA Wolf
Julie Maas 12/1/09 Drawdown, Reovery, and Hydrostratigraphy in Wisconsin's Northeast Groundwater Management Area (Brown, Outagamie, and Calumet Counties). See Abstract Luzaj
Jay C. Watson 8/1/09 Effects of Landscape Attributes on Native Bee Pollinators in Wisconsin Apple Orchards. Wolf
Daniel Cibulka 8/1/09 Temporal Assessment of Management Practice and Water Quality in the Duck Creek Watershed, Wisconsin. Fermanich
Angela Pierce 8/1/09 An Analysis of the Effect of Price of Residential Water Demand in Brown County, Wisconsin. See Abstract Phoenix
Koyel Mandal 5/1/09 Economic Impact of Recreational Angling in the Lake Winnebago System Stoll
Linda Filo 5/1/09 A Campus Management Plan for the Control of Phragmites australis Wolf
Jennifer Goyette 5/1/09 Bioacoustic Monitoring of Temperate and Tropical Birds Wolf
Steven Haskell 5/1/09 Implementing the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act through Local Emergency Planning Committees Kraft
Andrew McKenna-Foster 5/1/09 Effects of Management of Spider Richness and Abundance in Nantucket's Sandplain Grasslands Draney
Adam Baldwin 12/1/08 "A Performance Evaluation of Two Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Systems on Two Dairy Farms in Northeast Wisconsin" Katers
Lawrence Eslinger 12/1/08 "Population Dynamics of Self-Sustaining Muskellunge in Northern Wisconsin Lakes." See Abstract Dolan
Charles Piette 12/1/08 "Regression Analysis of Phosphorus Loading Data for the Maumee River, Water Years 2003-2005." Dolan
Gerard McMullen 12/1/08 "A Policy Tipping Point and the Meaning of Water in the Great Lakes Basin: Evolving Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Governance in an Era of Climate Change." See Abstract Kraft
Bethany Reinholtz 8/1/08 Assessment of Implementation Barriers for Residential Renewable Energy Systems Katers
Eddie Heath 8/1/08 "Helminths and Food Habitats of Lake Sturgeon, Acipenser Fulvescens, from the Lake Winnebago System, Wisconsin" Reed
Craig Marsh 8/1/08 "The Wisconsin Buffer Initiative: A Multiparty Collaborative Approach to Decision Making" Scheberle
Richard Winter 5/1/08 "The Influence of Increased Use of Compact Fluorescent Lighting on Mercury Emissions in Wisconsin." Katers
Shashi Yadav 5/1/08 "A Study of the Brown County Recycling Program" Scheberle
Devany Plentovich 5/1/08 "A Comparison of Phragmites australis Control Measures in Wisconsin Coastal Wetlands." See Abstract Wolf
Kathryn Corio 5/1/08 "The Effects of Exotic Earthworms on Understory Plants and Leaf Litter in Sugar Maple Forests of Wisconsin." Draney
Simone Kolb 12/31/07 Understanding the Mechanisms by which a Manure-Based Charcoal Product Interacts with Soil to Affect Microbial Biomass and Activity Dornbush
Amir Salim 12/31/07 Alternative Sampling Method to Determine Factors Affecting Distribution and Ecological Impact of the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in Lower Green Bay, WI Reed
Stephanie Schneider 9/1/07 An Assessment of Agriculture in Brown County, Wisconsin: Data, Trends and Long-Term Viability Katers
Nickolas Reckinger 9/1/07 Comparison of Phosphorus Forms at Different Saptial Scales and Assessment of an Area-Weighed P-Index to Multi-Field Watersheds. Fermanich
Jackie Blohowiak 9/1/07 Successful Applications for Integrated Process Management on Working Environmenntal Management System Katers
William Oldenburg 6/1/07 Collection System Pollutant Inventory and Service Areas Pollution Prevention Katers
Jennifer Hill-Kelly 6/1/07 Tribal Environmental Performance Measures: An Approach for the Future Kraft
Joshua J. Kaurich 6/1/07 Energy, Cost, and Carbon Dioxide Life Cycle Assessment of Wisconsin Residential Space Heating Fuels Katers
Maureen Zeise 12/1/06 Exploring the Eleventh Principle of Environmental Justice: The Role of Environment in Traditional Haudensaunee Culture Abel
Ryuichi Iwasaki 12/1/06 Wind Energy: Economic and Administrative Feasibility in Japan and the United States Stoll
Tracy Johnston 12/1/06 The Red Banks - Gilson Creek Watershed Area Conservation Plan: Species and Natural Community Inventory and Mapping Howe
Heidi Cerveny 9/1/06 A Study of Private Well Water Nitrates in the Town of Herman, Shawano County, Wisconsin Katers
Barbara J. Janesh Janesh Preserving Nature While Providing For Visitors: Is The National Park Service Visitor Experience and Resource Protection Planning Framework an Effective Tool? Kraft
Jennifer R. Kelly 5/1/06 Environmental Service Learning: Does It Have An Effect on Environmental Citizenship? Abel
Eric Ryer 5/1/06 Conservation Subdivision Design: A Framework and Methodology to Determine if It Lives Up to Its Promise. Kraft
Gbolabo B. Omonogun 5/1/06 The Implications of Policies for Shipping Used Computers and Electronics to Developing Countries Stoll
Larry A. Cornell 5/1/06 Towards a Non-parametric Discriminant Rule for Identification of Wisconsin Bat Species by Echolocation Calls Hencheck
Jeffrey M. Casalina 5/1/06 The Feasibility of Home-Based Hydrogen Generators Katers
Luann T. Rudolph 5/1/06 Institutional Performance of Fisheries Co-Management: A Case Study Of The Maine Lobster Industry Kraft
Andrew T. Paulios 5/1/06 Habitat Selection and Distribution of Owls in the Nicolet National Forest, WI, USA Howe
Aleeca A. Forsberg 5/1/06 Testing the Drift Shadow Concept: Using X-ray Absorption Imaging and Statistical Analysis to Evaluate an Analytical Model Fermanich
Diana Peterson 1/1/06 Three Sisters Gardening: Rejuvenating a Traditional Food System with the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Phoenix


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