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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Adam Parrillo

Adam Parrillo
Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Studies
MAC B323
(920) 465-2355

Research Interests Dr. Parrillo dubs his research specialty the Social Geography of Urban Development. He is interested in how the processes and institutions of the political economy impact the social conditions of human populations. His doctoral research examines market-based open enrollment policies in public education, their proclivity to segregate student populations upon socioeconomic characteristics, and their relationship to the emergence of the sociopolitical paradigm of Neoliberalism. Dr. Parrillo is currently working on papers examining the rise of universities and medical facilities as agents of economic development and the effects of education on economic sectors across metropolitan areas in the US. In addition to these main streams, he continues to build research programs that intersect with popular culture and the political economy of sports.

Education: B.S. in Geography (2000), an M.A. in Human Geography (2003), and Ph.D. (2009) in the Social Geography of Urban Development, all from the University of Cincinnati.