Dr. Kevin Fermanich                             Prof. Kevin Fermanich
Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
Environmental Science and Geoscience  (soil and water resources)             
Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Professor of Natural Sciences (2014-2019)

University of Wisconsin Green Bay
920-465-2240, Lab Science 416
Not an official UW-Green Bay site.

Director, Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Project (LFRWMP)

Environmental Science and Policy Graduate Program



Fall 2014
The Soil Environment ENV SCI - 320/520,  lecture and lab
Environmental Systems ENV SCI - 305/505  lecture and lab

Spring 2014
Remote Sensing and GIS, lecture and lab,  w/ Mike Stiefvater
Tropical Conservation and Ecology in Costa Rica ENV SCI 499 w/ Dr. Ryan Currier (January)
Hydrogeology GEO SCI-432/632 and ENV SCI-432/632 lecture and lab


Fall 2013
The Soil Environment ENV SCI 320/520,  lecture and lab (course materials on D2L)
Environmental Systems ENV SCI 305/505  lecture and lab, w/ Dr. Michael Zorn as co-instructor 
(course materials on D2L)


Other Courses:
Costa Rica Travel Course: (2006 pics) Tropical Conservation and Ecology (w/ Drs. Matt Dornbush and Dan Meinhardt)
Introduction to Earth Science, Earth Sci-102 (2007)
Introduction to Environmental Science ENV SCI-102 (Spring 2006)
Environmental Science and Policy Graduate Seminar ES&P 763 (w/ Dr. Michael Kraft) Fall 2005
(details of course migrated to D2L in 2007)
Soils and Geology of Wisconsin field trip ENV SCI 421 NW Wisconsin & NE Minnesota Spring 2007 (co-led w/ Drs. John Luczaj & Steve Dutch) 
(link is to Dr. Dutch's website)
ENV SCI 421: Soils and Geology of Wisconsin field trip Fall 2006 (co-led w/ Drs. John Luczaj & Steve Dutch) (link is to Dr. Dutch's website)
Practicum in Environmental Science ENV SCI 492:  Field Experience in Soil Inventory and Description, 1 credit. 
Fall 2002
Practicum in Environmental Science 362-492:  Environmental Measurements, Spring 2002
Hydrogeology 296-432/632 and 362-432/632 Spring 2001
        Point au Sable Project
roundwater Resources and Regulations ES&P-733 Fall 2006 (details of course migrated to D2L) (w/ Dr. Ronald Stieglitz; Fall 2004)

Research Activities and Graduate Projects Supervised               

         Restoring the health of the Green Bay ecosystem under a changing climate: Modeling land use, management, and future outcomes, with Dr. J. Val Klump (PI, UWM), and H. Bravo (co-PI, UWM) and other team members and partners.   Univ. of Michigan Water Center.  Sept. 2013- Aug. 2015.

         CHRP: Green Bay Hypoxia: Biogeochemical Dynamics, Watershed Inputs and Climate Change, with Klump, J.V (PI, UWM), D. Vimont (co-PI, UW Madison), K. Fermanich (co-PI), N. Richmond (co-PI, WDNR), J. Kennedy (co-PI, GBMSD). NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, Coastal Hypoxia Research Program FY 2010.  September 2010-August 2014 (extended to 8/2015).

         Maximizing Ecological Services and Economic Returns from Targeted Establishment of Biomass Grasslands for Electricity and Heat Generation in Wisconsin, with Dr. Matt Dornbush (lead PI), Dr. John Stoll and Paul Baumgart (funded by Wisconsin Focus on Energy - Environmental and Economic Research and Development Program, 2009-2011)

         Assessing Levels and Potential Health Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Groundwater Associated with Karst Areas in Northeast Wisconsin, w/ Dr. Angie Bauer-Dantoin, Dr. Mike Zorn and ES&P graduate student Sarah Wingert (funded by State of Wisconsin Groundwater Research Program - Wisconsin Water Resources Center, 2008-2009)

         Charcoal addition effects on soil microbial activity and soil fertility, with Dr. Matt Dornbush (lead PI) and ES&P graduate student Simone Kolb (2006-2008)


Green Bay water levels: Pictures and data of major wind driven low water levels in Green Bay, 13 November 2005 and 11 May 2006.


Environmental Science and Policy Graduate Program

         Climate Literacy Network  "The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy" version 2 was released in March, 2009

         The Nature of Science and the Scientific Method (link to free publication from GSA).



Geoscience Career Information