January Interim

January Interim courses are considered part of the fall semester for financial aid purposes and do not fall within the tuition plateau (i.e. charges will be assessed for all January courses). If you are seeking financial aid for the January Interim period, you must meet with a financial aid adviser in order to determine what amount of aid, if any, will be available to you. If you have remaining eligibility, you will be limited to Federal Direct Loan funds up to the cost of tuition for the course.

Financial Aid will be disbursed when fees are due for the period, generally 7 days from the start of the period. If you need books for your course, you will be instructed to purchase Pass Points and use those points to buy books. If purchased in late December, the Points can be charged to SIS, and this charge will be due at the same time as your other spring charges.

Information regarding costs, due dates, registration, etc.