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Who should be a First Nations Studies major/minor

Everyone and anyone can be an First Nations Studies major or minor!

First of all, if you hope to work with First Nations people in any way, then this major/minor will give you endless advantages over other candidates. Did you know that the Oneida Nation is the fifth largest employer in Brown County and the forteenth largest employer in Outagamie County (WI Office of Workforce Development, 2010). If you plan to live and work in Wisconsin, then you need to know about First Nations communities and people!

If you are looking for a broader perspective on diversity in the Wisconsin community and beyond, then this major/minor is perfect for you!

The minor can be combined to bolster a number of majors and professional studies, including Business, History, Social Change & Development, Education, Biology, Social Work, Human Development, Psychology, and the Health Services.

You must be willing to talk openly about social issues, and be willing to challenge your world views.

If you are in need of fulfilling your ethnic studies requirement, then this major or minor is a great option!