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About Us

Approximately 35 students serve as University Ambassadors each year. One of their primary responsibilities is to welcome new students to UWGB through such programs as Registration and Resources (R&R) and Orientation. The Ambassadors also write to incoming students over the summer.

Ambassadors have a record of academic success and campus involvement, and are selected each spring through a competitive interview process. They know the campus inside and out and will do everything they can to help new students have a great first year.

  • Abigail

    Hometown: Green Bay, WI

    Major: Human Biology & Chemistry

  • Ashley

    Hometown: Waukesha, WI

    Major: Social Work (Child Welfare)

    Minor: Human Development & Psychology

  • Caleb

    Hometown: New London, WI

    Major: Business Administration (Management)

  • Cassie

    Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

    Major: Psychology & Democracy and Justice Studies

    Minor: Human Development

  • Cody

    Hometown: Cashton, WI

    Major: Theatre (Technical & Design Emphasis)

    Minor: Design Arts

  • Devan

    Hometown: Janesville, WI

    Major: Spanish

    Minor: International Business

  • Emily

    Hometown: Marshfield, WI

    Major: Psychology

    Minor: Human Development

  • Karli

    Hometown: Eau Claire, WI

    Major: Communication (PR, Org Comm, & Mass Media emphases) & English Lit

    Minor: Spanish

  • Katelyn

    Hometown: Sheboygan, WI

    Major: Communication

    Minor: English

  • Kayla

    Hometown: Pulaski, WI

    Major: Elementary Education

    Minor: Human Development

  • Kimberly

    Hometown: Oak Creek, WI

    Major: History

    Minor: Education & Dance & Democracy and Justice Studies

  • Lisa

    Hometown: Kenosha, WI

    Major: Music Education

  • Mack

    Hometown: Sparta, WI

    Major: Human Biology (Dietetics and Exercise Science)

  • Matthew

    Hometown: Two Rivers, WI

    Major: Human Biology

    Minor: Spanish

  • Morgen

    Hometown: Greenfield, WI

    Major: Theatre (Musical Theatre emphasis) & Arts Management

  • Raelynn

    Hometown: Cascade, WI

    Major: Human Development

    Minor: Psychology

  • Robin

    Hometown: Cedarburg, WI

    Major: Biology (Animal Biology emphasis)

    Minor: Human Biology

  • Rosalynn

    Hometown: Edgar, WI

    Major: Human Biology (Nutrition & Dietetics emphasis)

    Minor: Spanish

  • Samantha

    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    Major: English

    Minor: Spanish and Humanistic Studies

  • Sara

    Hometown: Stoughton, WI

    Major: Business Administration (Management emphasis)

    Minor: History

  • Sarah

    Hometown: South Milwaukee, WI

    Major: Chemistry

    Minor:Human Biology & Dance

  • Sarah

    Hometown: Denmark , WI

    Major: Business Administration (Marketing)

    Minor: Arts Management

  • Victoria

    Hometown: Carpentersville, IL

    Major: Accounting

    Minor: German and International Business