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Faculty and Staff Campaign

2012-2013: No Campaign This Year

Traditionally, the Faculty and Staff Campaign has been an important fundraising vehicle for UW-Green Bay. The fact that UW-Green Bay employees support institutional initiatives they feel passionately about makes a strong statement to prospective community donors about how we value the quality of work we do.

Faculty and staff work hard to make this University exceptional for our students—a commitment that is greatly valued. However, we understand how recent budgetary changes will likely take some adjustment time. That is why we have changed our approach for UW-Green Bay's Annual Faculty & Staff Campaign. No teams, no captains, no asks, no campaign.

As we wait for the time to be right again, we know there are those who would still like to give and we want to make sure those who wish to do so have the opportunity. Private donations make terrific things happen for our students. Clearly, we wouldn’t be the University we are today without wonderful campus and community support. We hope, to the degree that you are able — when you are able — that you will renew that support.

Thank you to all faculty and staff for your continuing support of UW-Green Bay.

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Music Scholarship Recipients

You help make their talents shine and voices heard

Your gift to UW-Green Bay helps fund opportunities for talented students who brighten our campus and help build our culture and community.

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Rodenhauser Twins

Twice the Gratitude

Yes, Beth and Amanda Rodenhauser are twins. That means twice the tuition, and double the cost of books, housing and meal plans.

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