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Fundraiser Resources

‚ÄčThe Advancement Office serves as the fundraising arm of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Its purpose is to “advance” the mission of the University through community relations and philanthropic support. All fundraising efforts conducted on campus should be brought to the attention of the Advancement Office. In doing so, the Advancement Office can help coordinate resources and work with our colleagues to develop a strategic fundraising plan that supports the mission and compliments the overall advancement initiatives for the University. To help balance the resources of the Advancement Office with the fundraising needs across campus, we have created an application process for those seeking funds.

Process for seeking funding for Project and Programs:

  • Step 1: Idea is generated by faculty or staff.
  • Step 2: Faculty or staff member writes full description of proposal and addresses criteria for consideration.
  • Step 3: Proposal is shared and discussed with department head, supervisor or dean.
  • Step 4: If accepted by department head, supervisor or dean, faculty/staff member presents the proposal to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. Submit your fundraising proposal. You can fill in the entire form or enter your contact information and then choose the option to attach your own document. 
  • Step 5: Proposal is brought forward to the Chancellor and/or Chancellor’s cabinet for consideration. Department head/dean and/or proposal author may be asked to present, if desired.
  • Step 6: Proposal is evaluated by the Chancellor and/or Chancellor’s Cabinet on how well it meets the criteria and institutional priorities. The department head/dean and proposal author is notified of the decision.


If you attach your own documents to the fundraising proposal form, be sure that the materials answer these questions. 
  1. Give a full description of the idea, including information about who will participate or be involved and the benefits to students, faculty, staff and the University.
  2. Does this program, event, project or research idea fit the mission of this University and that of the department in which it will be housed? If so, how?
  3. How does this idea fall into the fundraising priorities of the University (as outlined by the Chancellor’s Cabinet).
  4. What resources (financial, staffing, etc.) will be needed to design, plan and implement this program? (Who, what, where, when, and how? Include a budget outline.)
  5. Who would spearhead this project and see it from start to finish? (Is the one who generated the idea willing to champion it from start to finish?)
  6. How will this program or project be marketed? To whom? Who are the target audience and participants?
  7. How will this idea, project, or event be sustained (if appropriate) over time? How would it be funded into the future?
  8. How will this event, program, or project be evaluated?