Deferred Giving Opportunities

Pooled Income Funds

Sometimes called “charitable mutual funds,” pooled income funds are trusts made up of contributions from many donors. Beneficiaries are designated for their share of the annual earnings. The principal later becomes property of the University to be used according to your wishes.

Gifts from Retirement Plans

IRAs, Keough Plans and pension plans are examples of assets that can be big tax targets, making them favorable candidates for charitable contributions. One option is to add the University as a second beneficiary, after a spouse.

Life Insurance

Insurance needs can change, as successful children no longer need the protection, or as a family business grows prosperous and secure. Existing policies can be amended to add the University as an additional or contingent beneficiary.

Gift Annuities

Unique among the deferred gifts is the gift annuity. Part gift and part purchase, it earns a charitable deduction for the donor and creates a life income stream for the designated beneficiary, typically the donor and/or spouse. This can be set up as a deferred annuity, until after retirement, for example.