Senior Gift Campaign

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Senior Gift Campaign

What is the Senior Gift Campaign?

The Senior Gift Campaign is a way for graduating seniors to pay it forward by giving back to UW-Green Bay. Every dollar given back to UW-Green Bay is a continuous investment in our education. UW-Green Bay receives a very small amount of its operating budget from the state of Wisconsin. What students pay in tuition to attend UWGB does not cover the entire cost of their education. Private dollars help keep our education affordable. Alumni are an important source of support. And, much like the continuous life cycle of our Phoenix mascot, for every graduating senior there is a new enrolling student who deserves the same opportunities. Through the Senior Gift Campaign, graduates can become part of this tradition and make their first steps as an alum.

Why Should I Participate?

UW-Green Bay Operating Budget

By making a gift to your alma mater through the Senior Gift Campaign you are helping to support things that you have benefited from as a student and will continue to benefit from as an alum. Your support also helps ensure that the next generation of students will have access to the same opportunities.

The more donations the University receives, the stronger the school’s national ranking. As rank increases, so does the value of your degree.

“Ultimately, I am so passionate about our University that I decided to invest my time as well as money into it. It’s where my heart is.”
— Vanya Koepke, May 2014

“Giving back to the University does more than allow other, future, students to take advantage of the opportunities I had as a student. Giving back allows UW-Green Bay to widen its reach and enhance the appeal of the Institution. By giving, you’re investing in your future and making your degree worth more.”
— Chad M. Bianchi, May 2012

“Peter Lynch once said ‘invest in what you know.’ I know it's from a man who is involved in the stock market, but I think it applies because as students we know what we are investing in when we give back to UWGB, and like anything we value, would recommend it to others.”
— Laura Hill, May 2011

How Can I Participate?

We ask that you give $20.15, in honor of your graduating year. Any gift amount counts as class participation. And your contribution is tax deductible!

You can give in one of the following ways:

Give online via our secure online giving form.

University Ticket and Information Center (UTIC).
UTIC will accept payments via credit card, cash, check, and PassPoints. Located next to the Phoenix Bookstore.

Call. Phone 920.465.2212 to make your pledge.

And don’t forget to stay connected after you graduate!

Membership is free, and all graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association. As an alum of UW-Green Bay, your endeavors are important to us, and we like to share them when appropriate. Whether you have moved, received a promotion or achieved some other success, you can keep us updated through the UW-Green Bay Alumni Association.

Click here to submit your contact information through the Alumni Update Form.

If you would like to learn more about or participate in the Future Alumni Association, please call Tracy Heaser at 920.465.2212 or email