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Internships & Assistantships


The French program offers a number of professional practicums in the community and abroad. Language students have the opportunity of interning as language teachers (see above), work on marketing projects or in local or other firms. Contact Professor E. Nicole Meyer for further information,


We offer the opportunity to teach French in the community at a local elementary school. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your critical thinking skills. Future teaching candidates love this opportunity as well. Contact Professor E. Nicole Meyer for further information,

Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander

"I love the internship and am having so much fun! Before coming into this, I didn't think that 4th graders could handle too much knowledge. To my surprise, however, they're learning so much and the challenge is trying to plan what we're going to teach. From report: I am very glad that I had the opportunity to partake in this internship during my first year of college. It has shown me a lot about my abilities as a teacher and my abilities in the language. It is exciting for me to think that I have the chance to do what I'm doing now during the internship as a career later on in life. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would. I hope that there will be opportunities like this for me in the future."

Sara Wiroll

"However, teaching something totally foreign to a group of children who were very enthusiastic about learning it was a very rewarding experience. Watching the children speak French and then actually be able to recall French that we taught them weeks earlier was an awesome experience. To have them tell stories of how they went home and spoke to their parents about what they learned was great to hear and think, “hey, I taught them that.” Overall, I would recommend that students participate in this internship. If anything else, to accomplish one more thing in college that you may never have the chance to accomplish anywhere else."

Kathi Koepke

Kathi Koepke

"Throughout the last 4 years, I have spent a fair amount of time working with children. I have worked with children ages 6-18, but for some reason, I have never been as affected as I have been during the last 4 months. While teaching French to children (ages 5-7) at Encompass Child Care, I learned many valuable lessons about teaching. Teaching is a constant learning experience and that became very evident to me during my time with these children. During this semester, I learned a lot about teaching and different techniques, and I learned a lot about myself. I pushed through this semester and did the best that I could and now I see the results. I realize now that I did reach my goal; these kids are excited about learning and that is all I can ask for."

Renee Wotachek

"Overall, I enjoyed teaching French to the Daycare children. This experience allowed me to review my basic French vocabulary. My opportunity to share knowledge made me feel proud and confident in my teaching. I am satisfied that the children acquired a lot of basic French language. I can only hope they continue to develop their French language further. This experience has proved to me to be a positive encouragement to maintain my knowledge of French language."

Kristie Pfeil

Kristie Pfeil

"This was a great opportunity to learn more about children and how to communicate with them. This experience helped enhance my confidence of speaking and being in front of a group of people and it strengthened my leadership abilities. I am glad I was given this opportunity to teach children."

Carol Schou

"While teaching, I have had the pleasure of seeing how different teachers teach and interact with each other. This interaction helps them grow as better teachers. I feel my overall experience at Red Smith Elementary School has been helpful to my understanding of how to be a good teacher."

Mary Chernick

"This has been such a fun and rewarding experience for me. I have grown close to the children me in French. One wonderful reward was a conversation with one of the parents outside the classroom. Her daughter is very shy and never participates with us, but after speaking to her mom I realized that she is absorbing everything that we teach. I never intended to teach French when I returned to my education at UWGB five years ago but now I am contemplating this wonderful career. It interests me immensely!"

Francesca Goetz

Francesca Goetz

"In conclusion, teaching at Encompass daycare for my French internship was an experience I will never forget."

Kandace Koster

"I gained a lot of patience and understanding by teaching these children, and am very glad that I participated in this internship. I would gladly repeat this experience again if I would be able to [do so]."


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