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About Dual Enrollment Access Academy?

The Academy is a program that gives high school students with a 3.0+ cumulative GPA access to online dual credit college courses.

  • Classes are held in the fall, spring, and summer and are only open to high school students.
  • Tuition will be paid for by the GEAR UP Grant, so these courses will be FREE for GEAR UP students.
  • Courses will run based on sufficient enrollment.  
Admission Requirements*:
  • Enrolled in the GEAR UP Program; AND
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher*; AND
  • In grades 10, 11, or 12; AND
  • Serious about the commitment required to take a college course.
*Students who do not meet the above admission criteria should reach out to our GEAR UP Services team at to discuss letter of recommendation options.

How does the Academy work?

  • Students will work with their GEAR UP Education Specialist, UWGB's GEAR UP Services team, and their school counselor to select courses and apply to the program.
  • The application process includes filling out the "Express Interest" link below, completing the UW System special student application, submission of unofficial high school transcript, and completion of the enrollment form (for approval from the high school for the course to be counted as high school credit, in addition to the college credits that will be earned).  A UWGB GEAR UP Services team member will walk students through these steps once they  receive the interest form.
  • Courses are one semester long.
  • Students will be required to follow campus timelines and policies for dropping and withdrawing courses. Drop and withdrawal deadlines for Spring 2023 (14 week session) can be found on our Registrar's webpage
  • The refund schedule for informational purposes, can be found on our Bursar's Office webpage. Students are not responsible for payment, as costs are covered through the GEAR UP Grant.

Need help?
Have a question?

We are here for you! Contact us at or Call/Text (920) 412-6649.  Your GEAR UP Education Specialist is
also committed to supporting you throughout your course.

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Available Courses for Spring 2023

Courses begin on January 23, 2023 and end on May 12, 2023*

Course Title

Course Description 
UWGB Gen Ed/ Requirement Designation

ART 102:   History of Visual Arts I Survey of the visual arts: prehistoric to the late Gothic period.   Fine Arts 3
Special Topics is Literature- Poetry
Introductory study of poetry: free verse, avant-garde, and off the page. Course is repeatable for credit if topics differ; may be taken 2 times for a total of 6 credits. Humanities AND Writing Emphasis 3
FIN 282:
Personal Financial Planning
Exploration and functional analysis of consumers' financial needs and problems in our modern and complex society; learning to formulate financial goals, implement and monitor them through specific plans, financial functions such as budgeting, investing, financing, protecting and distributing wealth; philosophies and values of consumers; legal aspects of consumer rights.
Social Science

HUM BIOL 215: 
Personal Health and Wellness
Theoretical and practical knowledge about health and wellness, with experiential exercises to heighten awareness of one's own values, attitudes, and abilities toward healthy living. Sustainability Perspective 3
A study of the solar system, stars, galaxies and universe. High school algebra and geometry competency is highly recommended. Full credit will not be granted for both PHYSICS 141, PHYSICS 143, or both PHYSICS 141 and PHYSICS 144. Natural Science 3
Observational Astronomy Lab (1 cr)
Observation of solar system, galactic and extra-galactic objects, and introduction to basic observational techniques in astronomy. Includes telescopic and unaided eye observation, positional astronomy, astro-photography, optic spectroscopy, interpretation of astronomical data, and astronomy laboratory exercises. High school algebra and geometry competency is highly recommended. This is a lab designed to accompany the lecture content in PHYSICS 141. Lab Science (for AAS) 1
PSYCH 203: 
Intro to Lifespan Development
Human development from conception through death: physical development, social and emotional development, and psychological development. Topics may also include personality development, the development of language, intellectual development and creativity, and the process of human learning. Social Science 3
WF 105: 
Research & Rhetoric
Further instruction and practice in the rhetorical techniques and types of writing covered in WF 100, but with greater emphasis on rhetorical and critical analysis; may also include elements such as original research and the conventions of writing for specific academic communities.
Prerequisite: WF 100 with a C or better, or WF 164 with a C or better, or ACT English score of 25 or higher, or SAT Reading score of 32 or higher
Writing Emphasis AND Degree Requirement 3
* UWGB breaks may not align with high school breaks; students will be expected to complete assignments and coursework following the UWGB calendar, even if their high school is on break.
**After you complete your course orientation session, you will earn a DIGITAL BADGE!  You'll earn a second digital badge for completing the course reflection at the end of the course as well!



If you’re interested in applying and registering for one or more of the above courses, please click on the “EXPRESS INTEREST” bar below AND email your unofficial high school transcript to UWGB's GEAR UP Services Office at  We will then follow up with you regarding your next steps!   


Deadline to express interest and submit all required application materials:  Thursday, December 15, 2022.