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Who should be a Geoscience Major/Minor?

Maribel Caves

Who should be a Geoscience Major?

If you have a strong interest in science, and a compassion for the Earth, then this major is perfect for you! But beware, this field is not for people who don’t want to get their hands dirty! Also, you must be willing to work outdoors, be flexible and able to adapt to different settings, and be able to pay attention to detail. This field draws on Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Engineering. If you do not enjoy courses such as these, Geoscience might not be right for you.

Geoscience students are required to choose a minor. Some minors that work well with this major include Math, Chemistry, Business, Physics, and even a Modern Language. The Environmental Science minor is also a popular choice among students.

Who should be a Geoscience Minor?

Students interested in environmental planning, natural resource or land management, or environmental policy issues must select interdisciplinary minors in Environmental Sciences, Public & Environmental Affairs, or Urban and Regional Studies. For those interested in an earth system science perspective in business, Geoscience may be combined with Business Administration. Arts Management and Design Arts are options for Geoscience students interested in print or electronic journalism (broadcast meteorology, for example).

As for taking Geoscience as a minor, many Environmental Science majors take it, as well as Communications, Environmental Policy & Planning. It depends on what you want to emphasize- the science aspect or the non-science aspect? What do you want to do?