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For many the concerns for aging parents can become a daily reality. This increasing trend of adults caring for their aging parents while also caring for children takes quite a toll. The state of Wisconsin offers many programs that can assist those who are caring for a loved one at home and facilities for those who need more care than the family can provide.

The Aging Resource Center of Brown County can provide information about benefits, programs, nutrition, and assistance to those who find themselves in the position of caretaker. This resource also has a community service guide that can lead you to other local programs. The Aging Resource Center of Brown County provides thorough and up-to-date materials to help you make the best decisions for your loved one.

For information on national long-term care facilities see The American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging or National Multi-Housing Council for guidance to resources in the area of your interest. For additional resources see the National Institute on Aging resource directory for Federal and National organizations that serve aging adults. The Administration on Aging also has many connections to state organizations

Abuse among the elderly is all to common. One website that deals with recognizing, dealing with and preventing abuse is The Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Resource Center. A Wisconsin group called the Elder Battered Women's Support Group has weekly meetings focusing on support and education. For information on this group call (920) 435-0100 or The Family and Community Resource Center.

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