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Social Concerns

The fastest growing population among us is those 65 and older. During the years between 1960 and 1990 the population of the United States grew 39% and the population of those 85 and older increased 232%. Our society must address longevity, it's rewards and drawbacks through education and understanding. The International Longevity Center addresses this issue on a global scale. Several countries have centers that contribute information about the impact the increasing number of elderly have nations around the world. The Institute of Gerontology is a user friendly website that will take you anywhere in the world of Gerontology.

Losses become a inherent part of the aging process. The loss of family members or friends is not only an emotional loss but can change our social network. There are many community organizations that can help to create a new social network. Here are a few.

The Red Hat Society is a group of women 65 and older who get together monthly dressed up in red or pink hats (depending on age) and have lunch. The Red Hat Society has a Wisconsin Chapter.

What about joining the YMCA? There are many programs for seniors and there is a good chance one is nearby.

Pet therapy is another way for the elderly to deal with loneliness, isolation and the death of a spouse. In Wisconsin the Humane Society currently provide shelter to many pets who would be wonderful companions.