Nursing Leadership & Management

Take Nursing to
The Next Level

Two ways to Advance Your Career

More than ever, healthcare employers are looking for dedicated, experienced nurses who have that extra edge in the workplace. And, chances are, you recognize the need for more BSN nurses with strong leadership and management skills. With an MSN or a certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management from UW-Green Bay, that leader can be you.

1. Master's Degree

34-Credit Online Graduate Program

Our Leadership and Management MSN covers advanced coursework to improve care at multiple levels across the continuum of health care settings. Practicum experiences will be arranged with health care facilities in your geographic area.

MSN Degree

2. Certificate Program

12-Credit Online Certificate

Key courses from our renowned Leadership and Management MSN curriculum have been combined to create a Nursing Certificate in Leadership and Management. This 12-credit program, designed for BSNs, instills business savvy and leadership acuity.

Certificate Program


All courses are online. Complete coursework at times convenient to your schedule.



All 12 certificate credits apply to our 34-credit MSN in Nursing Leadership and Management.

23% Job Growth

predicted for nursing leadership and management positions across the U.S. ( January, 2021)

Nicole Swanson MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Built for Your Schedule

“The flexibility this program offered me both in the online course structure, as well as the clinical component, was great. What I really found extremely valuable is just how well the courses fit into my everyday job. It was truly a good picture of what a new leader would have to know as they're moving into a leadership role.”

Nicole Swanson MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President of Nursing
Aurora Medical Center Bay Area

UWGB Nursing Program

Flexible Online Learning

Gain real world experience to be ready for health care leadership right after graduation.

UWGB Graduate at Aurora

Open Doors

Gain leverage to move up in your organization or stand out in pursuit of a new leadership or management position.

Nurse at Aurora supervising

Leadership Skills

These programs are designed to instill BSN prepared nurses with leadership acuity and healthcare business management skills.