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About the IgniteCS Program at UWGB

The job market has long been a topic of national debate, and seemingly an endless one at that. The number of available jobs has risen and fallen, at times dramatically, overall, but in certain markets – markets that, in some cases, have historically been responsible for the employment of sizable portions of our population – the job numbers have dramatically fallen and will keep falling. With the advancement of computer technology, both hardware and software, an ever increasing number of markets and jobs have become increasingly vulnerable – in some cases have fallen victim – to this trend old trend of modernization. Some of the hardest hit markets are the hotel industry (AirBnB), the Taxi industry (Uber and Lyft), TV entertainment industry (Netflix, HULU and YouTube) and the auto manufacturing industry (robots). This has led to record rates of unemployment in certain portions of the population that depended on these markets for employment.
Despite what this may suggest, the advent and increased applicability of technology – which is the reason for these major changes in the labor market, is not all bad news. In fact, it is more good news than it is bad news. This advent of technology creates more jobs, than it plays apart in the elimination of. However, there are more jobs in the general field of technology, from engineering to creative design which is applied in application and systems user interfaces, than trained professionals to the point that many companies and organizations import employees from other countries.
This is where the IgniteCS Program comes in. The IgniteCS Program, which is generously funded by our friends at Google, aims to solve this problem of talent shortage in the technology industry along with the major problem of diversity in the technology industry. As it stands, there are far fewer females and individuals of minority backgrounds than should be in this field. It is the aim of this program to help solve these two glaring problems in our labor market.
We are helping solve the talent shortage problem by recruiting middle and high school students into the field, through early exposure, learning opportunities and mentorship. We do this by developing workshops, in various sub-fields of Computer Science and other closely related Sciences, tailored to middle and high school students in Brown County, Wisconsin.
We are also helping to solve the low diversity problem in the technology industry by partnering with local community organizations, schools and minority communities by directly offering our services to children of minority families in the area. We are currently exploring ways to better serve our minority families and communities in the Green Bay area. We will make announcements when information becomes available.