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Google Ignite CS


At IgniteCS, we serve our community and country by educating, inspiring and empowering future engineers, teachers, doctors, researchers and leaders by giving kids an early exposure to the immense capability of computer science and the possibilities abound as a result. We give kids access and expose them to information and tools that empower them to explore the the concepts and capabilities of computer science. Through IgniteCS, kids learn about the subfields of computer science and their applications and importance. They gain practical knowledge about cyber-security and cyber-safety. Additionally, they learn about career options and possibilities.

Google IgniteCS at UWGB is recruiting for the 2017/2018 iteration of the program. To join, you must apply through the online application. Before you can apply, you must meet the following criteria.‚Äč
  1. You must be a student at UWGB
  2. You must be a computer science major
  3. You must be willing to educate and work with middle and high school students
  4. You must be willing to participate in Research Projects and Activities

Aside from the above requirements, IgniteCS is looking for energetic, creative, determined, extroverted and passionate students that want to make a difference in their community and improve their professional skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, coordination, time management, project planning and management, software development and many more.