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Google Ignite CS


Data Mining and Visualization

Through this workshop, students will learn about the world of big data, including where it comes from and how it’s used. They will learn basic terminology, concepts, and tools for data mining, analytics, and visualization. The skills they acquire in this workshop will give them a greater understanding of how business is changing from a technological side, and how they can navigate a more data-oriented world.


Interested in the world of robotics? In our robotics module we will show you some fundamentals of how robotics works. This hands on learning experience allows you to control a micro dancing robot named BERO. We will show you what it takes to control and make him do what you want. This workshop is the first step to raising your own army of robots to do your bidding on behalf of you.


In this module, students will be given an introduction to basic computer science topics. The students will be covering a variety of topics that are key to writing a successful program. Students will be developing software using the Python programming language to create software that will help them to solve daily problems while also gaining an opportunity to explore the world of computer programing.

Privacy and Machine Learning

In this workshop, you'll gain an understanding of how computers can perform human-level tasks through a process called machine learning. Students will see how this works hands-on by using facial recognition software that first "learns" your face so that it can be distinguished from the faces of the people around you!

Mobile Security

The Mobile Security module informs students about the dangers of downloading applications without checking what permissions are requests. Students will work with an application created by the module's team to experience first hand the dangers of malicious downloads. This module will also cover physical security and different ways intruders can gain access to personal information through mobile phones.