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Local Government Education

Master Academy for Civic and Public Affairs Curriculum

2015 Curriculum coming soon.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Course Option for Monday, July 28 (All Day Programs):

Creating Entrepreneurial Communities
Session 1: PlaceMaking
This workshop will focus on how to design your community, so that it’s attractive to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We will focus on how the built environment intertwined with quality of life attributes can make your community stand out to entrepreneurs.
Instructor: Naletta Burr, CEcD, Community Account Manager, Wisconsin Development Corporation.

Session 2: Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy
This session will provide the basic framework for communities to use when setting up a strategy to attract and retain entrepreneurs. Topics will include: infrastructure development, economic gardening, public-private partnerships, developing entrepreneurship program pipelines, and zoning.
Instructor: Quasan Shaw, EDFP, Economic Development Coordinator, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Session 3: Best Practices Panel
This interactive panel will address best practices that the public and private sectors are using to create entrepreneurial communities.
Panelists Include: Perry Seiber-Digial Fertilizer; Ryan Kauth-University of Wisconsin-Green Bay SBDC; Paul Ehrfurth-Oconto County EDC; Dave Weise-Village of Howard; Peter Nugent-The Docking Station.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Course Options for Tuesday, July 29 (Morning and Afternoon Sessions):

Morning Sessions:
Employee Discipline and Performance Evaluation
This session will address the issues of: managing employees without union contracts, sound personnel policies, conducting effective performance evaluations, and winning unemployment compensation cases.
Instructor: Nancy Pirkey is an Attorney with Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet, LLC. Pirkey specializes in all aspects of labor and employment issues facing employers today in the public and private sector.

Gain Time and Efficiencies through Spreadsheets
If you are a self-taught spreadsheet user, you will learn a lot. The power and capabilities of spreadsheets are amazing. The time-saving applications will trim hours off of a project or obtaining information.
• Learn how to use multi-sheet formulas, pivot tables, subtotaling and filtering features.
• Learn how to create rules to apply a conditional format to your data.
• Learn how to search and use the internet to quickly locate the answer to any question you might have.
Must have proficient spreadsheet skills. This class will be held in the UW-Green Bay computer labs. We will bus you there.
Instructor: Pat Theyerl is the IT Trainer and Help Desk Director at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Afternoon Sessions:
SVRS Database Report Writing
A unique opportunity to learn hands-on the SVRS reports taught by the GAB. This course will utilize GAB laptops connected to a training server and internet. The curriculum will cover: absentee ballot log, voter listing and participation, vote count by voting method, GAB 190 data, data quality reports and SVRS modernization. This class is limited to only SVRS providers and self-provider municipal clerks. Maximum size: 36.
Instructors: Government Accountability Board (GAB).

Records Management & Electronic Records
Records management is multi-faceted from statutes that govern records to confidential or restricted access. This course will cover many important aspects of records management including the major challenges that communities are facing when dealing with electronic records. Topics will include e-mail, social media, cloud computing and data conversions.
Instructor: Harold Coltharp is the retired Section Chief for the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration, Records Management Section.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Course Options for Wednesday, July 30 (Morning and Afternoon Sessions):

Morning Session 1:
Local Government and the New Public Engagement
An overview of the rapidly changing nature of public engagement in local communities, including best practices, tips, and resources for local leaders as public participation in government moves beyond “3 minutes at the microphone.”
Instructor: Mike Huggins, ICMA-CM, former Eau Claire city manager, is Principal, Civic Praxis, and a Civic Engagement Service Provider for the ICMA Center for Management Strategies.

Power of Strategic Planning
A strategic plan can be a document that sits on the shelf and collects dust or it can be a plan that drives your organization forward. Learn how you can incorporate your strategic plan goals into a powerful living document that directs your departments to vision and goals of the strategic objectives.
Instructor: Tim Hanna is the mayor of Appleton.

Morning Session 2:
Effective Public Engagement: Essential Skills for Leaders
An interactive presentation of proven skills and practices that administrators can apply in their organizations and communities to help groups move from talk to action.
Instructor: Mike Huggins, ICMA-CM, former Eau Claire city manager, is Principal, Civic Praxis, and a Civic Engagement Service Provider for the ICMA Center for Management Strategies.

Afternoon Session 1:
Managing Municipal Employees Post Act 10
This session will give you an understanding of what has changed and what hasn’t when it comes to managing municipal employees after the passage of Act 10. JoAnn Hart will share best practices to allow you to efficiently operate your workplace, retain good employees, discipline or terminate poor ones, and avoid employment-related lawsuits.
Instructor: JoAnn Hart is an Attorney with Boardman & Clark Law Firm. JoAnn’s practice emphasizes representation of Wisconsin municipalities in the areas of labor and employment law and related municipal law issues.

Legal and Financing Requirements for Debt Issuance & Economic Development Financing Strategies
This course will provide an overview of the financial and legal pre- and post-debt issuance requirements local governments must address and common pitfalls issuers encounter. In addition, specific financial and legal strategies for economic development financing to promote growth and mitigate risk will be discussed.
Instructor: Rebecca Speckhard is a Partner at Quarles & Brady, LLP. Rebecca dedicates her practice to municipal governmental finance with particular expertise in general obligation financings, public utility revenue bond financings, community development authority financings, and related tax incremental financing and development matters.
Instructor: Bridgett DeToro is a Partner at Quales & Brady, LLP. Bridgett practices in the area of Public Finance. Her practice involves serving as bond counsel and advising Wisconsin Municipalities with respect to structuring of tax-exempt and taxable debt and revenue financings, including various bond programs under the Stimulus Act.
Instructor: Greg Johnson is a Financial Advisor/Vice President at Ehlers. Greg assists with Wisconsin communities and public utilities with design and implementation of financial solutions. His expertise is in debt planning and issuance, strategic and financial planning, and economic development.

Afternoon Session 2:
Tying Social Media Together in Marketing Your Municipality
You understand Facebook, Twitter and blogging, but how do you fit all this in with marketing and communications for your municipality? This course will talk about how to accomplish this using a content calendar and repurposing content for your website and social media accounts while remaining cost effective and saving time.
Instructor: Nicole Virant is an adjunct instructor for computer and business courses at Globe University.

This session will address some common language used when reviewing vendor and service contracts as a governmental entity. We will also address some common pitfalls and language that you want to avoid.
Instructor: Christopher Paquet is an attorney who works for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where he works as the Risk Manager/Contract Officer. Christopher has also worked in a similar position for Brown County.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Course Options for Thursday, July 31 (Morning only):

Talent Management
Talent Management is the organizational strategy of acquiring and utilizing human talent in order to improve your business value and reach your goals. Talent management includes all aspects of applying an organization’s human resources, starting with attracting, recruiting and hiring employees; and continuing with coaching, developing, engaging, motivating, promoting, and retaining human talent in order to be successful.
Instructor: Pat Lucas has over 25 years of Human Resources and Business Management experience. Pat has a strong background in training and development, staffing, leadership development, employee relations, performance management, compensation and legal compliance.

Techniques for Training Poll Workers
Training poll workers can be a very daunting task as well as discouraging at times. This hands-on interactive workshop will give you ideas of strategies and techniques to effectively train your poll workers.
Instructor: Maribeth Witzel-Behl is the City Clerk for the City of Madison