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Local Government Education

Master Academy for Civic and Public Affairs 2018


July 16-19, 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

Economic Development Summit: Creating your WOW Factor: The Role of Talent, Innovation and Place

Session 1: Creating Your Community Profile
Session 2: Creating Community Attractiveness & Recruitment
Session 3: Making the Best Financial Decision for Your Community
Session 4: Creating Your Community's Lasting Impressions

Presenters: Quasan Shaw, EDFP, Principal Broker, Synergize Development Group, LLC
                Kurt Muchow, Principal Community Development Consultant, Vierbicher
                Daniel Lindstrom, AICP, Planning & Community Development Manager, Vierbicher
                Gary Blazek, PE, Manager of Vierbicher's Municipal Group, Vierbicher

Economic Development Summit Partners:
UW-Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Synergize Development Group, LLC and Vierbicher

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lucy A. Arendt

Difficult Conversations: Getting Them Right

You know you're in a difficult conversation when people's opinions differ, the stakes are perceived to be high, and emotions are strong. Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of our personal and work lives. During this hands-on workshop, we'll examine the nature and causes of difficult conversations, learn how to proactively and effectively manage them, and discover and practice the steps involved in transforming an understanding of difficult conversations into the habit of effectively engaging in difficult conversations.

Instructor: Dr. Lucy Arendt, Professor of Business Administration, St. Norbert's College

Brian Danzinger

How to Leverage Technology to Improve Efficiency, Communication, and Creativity

The purpose of the workshop is to help community leaders understand how to leverage technology to improve upon some of their current processes and procedures, increase outreach and communications to their constituents/residents, and bring awareness to some of the technology related issues that representatives and municipalities will be facing in the future. See real world examples and cases of how government has increased efficiency and managed costs as well as augmented transparency and community relationships.

   Instructor: Brian Danzinger, Associate Lecturer, UW-Green Bay

Terra Fletcher

Build Healthier Workplaces through Diversity and Inclusion

Misunderstanding of differing beliefs, expectations, values, genders and cultures may lead to conflict. In this workshop, you will learn to recognize and overcome stereotypes by equipping yourself with alternative thoughts based on facts. We will discuss ways we can expose ourselves to diverse people, foster healthy communication skills and work inclusively with individuals of all backgrounds.

Instructor: Terra Fletcher, Founder, Fletcher Consulting

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

James Macy

Navigating the Employment Law Minefield: Case Study

Maintaining a consistent work schedule for all your employees can be a never ending challenge. This becomes even more concerning as you try to balance requests for leaves and work injuries and stay within all the land mines associated with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the Wisconsin Fair Employment Law, Workers Compensation among many others. While department heads look to replace employees who can’t seem to come to work and elected officials question as to why some employees remain out on paid leave, you try to keep the peace and stay out of court. Sound familiar? This program will help you in navigating these situations when they arise.

   Instructor: James Macy, J.D., Attorney, vonBriesen & Roper, s.c.


Laura Nolan

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo: Good Hiring Choices Do Not Happen by Chance

The employee shortage means hiring the right person is more important than ever. Hire the wrong person and you'll end up with a revolving door -- not only the "wrong" staff but your good employees too. This session puts a stop to potential staff drain by training participants on how to spot potential star employees, how to interview, and ways to set up your next new hire for success.

Instructor: Laura Nolan, CBRF Training Registry Project, UW-Green Bay

Capital Budgeting

Purchasing a fire truck? Rebuilding a road? Implementing a new tax collection software system? These are all capital purchases that most communities undertake at some point. However, there are important differences in budgeting and monitoring capital purchases as compared to the operating budget. This class will include a hands-on exercise where participants work in small groups to develop a mock capital budget. It will also include a review of examples of several capital budget documents.

Instructor: John Ruggini, Finance Director, City of Wauwatosa

Unlocking the Mystery of Employee and Volunteer Retention and Engagement

Retaining employees and volunteers does not have to be a mystery. This Seminar will review creative, proven ideas to engage volunteers and employees. Learn simple ways to reduce turnover and improve satisfaction while developing a strong team.

Instructor: Laura Nolan, CBRF Training Registry Project, UW-Green Bay

Dawn Gunderson and Greg Johnson

Levy Limits and Expenditure Restraints

Levy limits and expenditure restraint compliance needs to be evaluated annually and projected into the future. This session will highlight common mistakes made when filing forms and long-term strategies to ensure compliance.

Instructors: Dawn Gunderson, Senior Municipal Advisory/Vice President, Ehlers Investment Partners
Greg Johnson, Senior Municipal Advisory/Vice President, Ehlers Investment Partners

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jeff Lemmermann

Beware of the Bad Guys: Tactics of the Dark Web-Steps to Keep Your Information Safe

As technologies evolve to impact every area of our lives, an ever-increasing threat to our private information also evolves. The tactics of Hackers and their use of advanced technologies becomes more advanced by the hour. This course will inform you on how these dark side tactics are used to get your information, how to minimize and identify threats from outside and inside of your networks, and ways to responsibly handle electronic information.

Instructor: Jeff Lemmermann, CPA, CISA, CITP, CEH, Information Assurance Consultant,

Mark O'Connell

The State of Affairs: Understanding the impact of demographics and our future

This program will look at some of the challenges we face as a nation, state, and local government. Understanding the impact of demographics and what the future holds are keys to what actions we need to take today to create the future we desire. Join Mark O'Connell as we take a journey into the future and examine the factors which influence it.

Instructor: Mark O'Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association