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Master Academy for Civic and Public Affairs

2019 Curriculum


Monday, July 29, 2019

Training "NEW" City, Village, Town Council and Board Members
Onboarding “NEW” City, Village, Town Council and Board Members is one of the most important exercises you will do as a municipality. An excellent program will:
  1. Outline the rules, regulations and policies that provide the frame work governing the council/board members
  2. Defines the role of council/board members and administrative staff
  3. Outlines the council/board’s role in the legislative process
  4. Explains the council/board decision-making process                                                                 
Learn how the City of Beloit successfully sets the tone of their City Council. Come away with good ideas on how to accomplish congruency between your council/board members and administrative staff. You will leave with Beloit’s training packet.

Instructors: Lori Luther, City Manager and Lori Stottler, City Clerk-Treasurer, City of Beloit
Parliamentary Procedure for Effective Meetings
If you want to be an effective presiding Officer of the board, Leader of an organization, or Clerk, you want your Board/Council meetings to run efficiently and effectively: you should have mastery of Parliamentary Procedures. This takes more than just basic skills. Through the usage of visuals, videos, examples and competency testing, this real-world approach will give you practical tools to deal with typical parliamentary meeting issues. This course will cover:
  • Meeting Dynamics
    • Five Biases people bring and how to recognize and deal with them
    • Civility
    • Listening
  • Parliamentary Procedures
    • Robert’s Rules or Other
    • Common Meeting Rule Items
    • Applying Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Special Meeting Situations
    • Commonly Misunderstood Areas
    • Chair Responsibilities
  • Meeting Resources
  • Competency Test
Instructor: Dan Foth, Local Government Specialist, UW-Extension

Monday, July 29, 2019

Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know
Understanding State and Federal employment law is more critical than ever in our political environment. This course will cover all aspects of employment discrimination laws, wage and hourly laws, and FMLA. This is important information you won’t want to miss. 

Instructor: Rick Manthe, J.D., Strang, Patteson, Renning, Lewis & Lacy, S.C.
Open Meetings Law: Challenging Issues
This workshop will cover the complicated issues and challenges in Open Meetings Law. Through group case study analysis, you will explore the many facets and scenarios involved in compliance with the law. Knowledge or experience in the basics is expected; the basics will not be covered in this program.

Instructor: Philip Freeburg, J.D., Local Government Law Educator, UW-Extension

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Visioning, Strategic Planning and Bringing it to Action: Performance-Based Budgeting
This session is a hands-on class intended to enable you to understand the concepts of community visioning, strategic planning, and how you facilitate it into action. Through practical examples and group interaction, this class will provide you the skills necessary to help set a future direction for you community, create a plan for implementation, and facilitate the processes necessary for on-going success.

Instructor: Mayor Tim Hanna, Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, City of Appleton
Alcohol Beverage Law in Wisconsin: Knowledge Straight Up. Walkaway with Top-Shelf Tips and Insights
Explore the complicated world of alcohol regulation. You will come away with understanding the various liquor license types, the application process, various regulating authorities, and more.
Walk away with top-shelf tips and insights, including:
  • Inspection and enforcement issues 
  • The roles of suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers
  • License suspensions, revocations, and non-renewals
Instructor: John Macy, J.D., Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Talent Attraction: Changes and Trends in the Modern Workplace
Competing with the private sector for skilled millennials is not easy. Private industry offers high salaried, flexible work environments and additional perks that the government often can’t match. However, the public sector can meet the challenge in a different fashion. Learn how to woo the next generation to the public sector. Terra Fletcher will present on what the millennials want from their employees and the importance of giving it to them, and Melody Lewis will talk about how the City of Appleton is meeting the challenge.

Instructor: Terra Fletcher, Owner and President of Fletcher Consulting, and Melody Lewis, Staff Development and Training Coordinator, City of Appleton
Ethical Leadership
Through cases-studies, group discussion, and lecture, this class explores the complexity of ethics for governmental organizations including the different sources of ethical regulations governing decision-making and behavior, common ethical dilemmas faced by local government officials, and prescriptions for unethical behavior within local governments.  It ends with a discussion of strategies that local governments can use to ensure and strengthen the ethical behavior and decision-making of individuals within their organizations including public managers and their employees. 

Instructor: Kerry Kuenzi, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Public Affairs, UW-Green Bay

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Process Management: Thinking Outside the Box and Getting People on Board
By participating in this course, a person will gain a better understanding of how to engage employees in finding more efficient and innovative ways to complete their daily tasks. This course will also give insight as to how to alleviate barriers or “bottle neck” in processes.

Instructor: Gary Olsen, Administrator, Village of Rothschild
Beware of the Bad Guys: Tactics of the Dark Web-Steps to Keep your Information Safe
As technologies evolve and impact every area of our lives, an ever-increasing threat to our private information grows. The tactics of hackers and their use of advanced technologies become more sophisticated by the hour. This course will inform you on how these dark-side tactics are used to get your information, how to minimize and identify threats from outside and inside of your networks, and ways to responsibly handle electronic information. This class is an eye opener.

Instructor: Jeff Lemmermann, CPA, CISA, CITP, CEH, Information Assurance Consultant, SynerComm, Inc.