Presidential Election Certificate

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2020 Presidential Election Certificate
Presidential Election Certificate
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2020 Presidential Election


Total hours


The Presidential Election Academy is a unique training that covers the cycle of an election beginning with the January Pre-election preparations; day of the election best practices, and Election Day wrap up.  Clerks learn the State and Federal election statutes and how to apply these laws through practical, hands-on courses and exercises.

Individuals who complete this series of courses have achieved a critical skill set competency and expertise that will allow them to be effective, confident administrators of critical Presidential Election duties.

Individuals who completed Presidential Election Academy have obtained a competency level in:
  1. Handicap accessibility requirements
  2. ID requirements for voting
  3. Procedures for opening and closing the polls
  4. Guidelines for exit polling and observers
  5. Developing emergency contingent plans
  6. Absentee voting procedures

Individuals were assessed by taking a multiple choice, true/false, 68 point test which covered the critical statutes of Federal and Wisconsin State laws for Election administration.

An overall score of 85% or higher was required to obtain the Presidential Election Certificate.