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Fall 2022

Starting August 2022

First Year Kickoff

August 22-September 2, 2022

Your first two weeks on campus will help you build the foundation for success in college. Together with your Gateway to Phoenix Success (GPS) faculty mentor and peer mentor, you’ll explore how to learn in college. 

During this program, you'll participate in daily workshops designed to prepare you for the leap to college by understanding the differences between high school and college, exploring different kinds of courses, what it is like to be in a college classroom and how to be successful. You’ll learn skills like time management and studying, make first year goals, develop plans to accomplish them and learn about resources you’ll work with in the coming year.

We'll also spend some time exploring your interests and the corresponding degree path so you understand the road ahead and are excited to get started!

You’ll have plenty of time to find your way around campus, too. And, maybe most important of all, you’ll make relationships that will be the cornerstone of your first year and beyond! 

Please note: if you are living on the Green Bay campus this coming year, you will move in on Sunday, August 21st.

First Year Seminar

Fall Semester: September-December, 2022

During the fall semester, you'll take a GPS First Year Seminar with the mentors and classmates you were with during your first two weeks. This class will help you continue to develop and sharpen the skills you need to be successful in college. You’ll also be introduced to a real-world issue you and your classmates will wrestle with throughout the year. Your peer mentor will be there to help you get connected on campus, making sure you feel at home, and both of your mentors will help you stay on course and headed toward your educational goals throughout the fall!

Spring Semester: January-May, 2023

In the spring semester, you and your classmates will tackle an issue impacting our community under the guidance of your faculty mentor and peer mentor. Your goal: make positive change happen in our community! Along the way, you'll develop skills every employer wants college students to have, and you'll have the opportunity to build a plan for year two to make sure you get the most out of your time at UW-Green Bay.

Portrait of Meagan Strehlow

Have Questions?

Just ask Meagan Strehlow, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success. We are excited to have you in the GPS program. 

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