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Fall 2023

Starting September 2023

In the next year, you will have the opportunities to explore and embrace challenges, meet new people, share perspectives and develop skills that colleges and employers value most. You’ve got a year of amazing experiences ahead of you!

We are still putting the finishing touches on Fall 2023 plans and will share them with you soon! The descriptions below include some general information so you have a better understanding of the excitement of being a Gateway to Phoenix Success (GPS) student!

Summer Bridge Program

(Optional): Information coming soon!

GB Orientation 

Information coming soon!

GB Welcome

Information coming soon!

First Year Seminar

Fall Semester: September-December, 2023

During the fall semester, you'll take a GPS First Year Seminar with the mentors and classmates you were with during your first two weeks. This class will help you continue to develop and sharpen the skills you need to be successful in college. You’ll also be introduced to a real-world issue you and your classmates will wrestle with throughout the year. Your peer mentor will be there to help you get connected on campus, making sure you feel at home, and both of your mentors will help you stay on course and headed toward your educational goals throughout your Phoenix journey!

Tools for Success

January-May 2023

Information coming soon!

Portrait of Meagan Strehlow

Have Questions?

Just ask Meagan Strehlow, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success. We are excited to have you in the GPS program. 

Contact Meagan