Student Stories

2021-2022 Academic Year

M.S. in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning

Kassie Batchelor
Kassie Batchelor is a graduate of the M.S. in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning program! Working full time as second grade teacher, and working toward her masters, she found this program's flexibility very helpful, along with the understanding and accommodating staff.

Kelly Koller

Kelly Koller is a graduate of the MS in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning program! She chose UWGB for her masters degree, as she wanted something local and flexible. She found that this program was adaptable and fit her needs, as she is a full-time educator while pursuing her masters!

Master of Athletic Training

Hanna Hoppa

Hanna Hoppa is a recent graduate of the Master of Athletic Training program! She has always wanted to be an athletic trainer, and choose Green Bay to complete her graduate degree due to its close proximity to home, along with the connections she was able to make with the professors during her interview!

Executive Impact MBA

Jennifer Twombly
Jennifer Twombly is an Executive Impact MBA student that graduated in Spring 2022! Jennifer's interest in this program not only stemmed from the curriculum that focuses on leading at a higher level, but also its focus on purpose driven leadership, and social impact, which both align with her personal leadership values.

M.S. in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Beaux Myers
Beaux Meyers is a recent graduate in the M.S. in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program! Originally from Green Bay, Beaux found our campus's proximity to home important in his decision on enrolling. He also chose this program because of the diversity in the student population, as he finds diversity a strong suit of the campus.

Lexi Ahrens
Lexi Ahrens is a recent graduate of the M.S. in Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology Program! As a previous graduate with a psychology degree, and a college athlete who loved sports, she wanted to further pursue an education that could focus on both!

Anna Bomber
Anna Bomber is a recent graduate in the M.S. of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program! Anna is from Appleton WI, and chose Green Bay to pursue this graduate degree due to it being close to home, and the welcoming staff. As a performer herself who has suffered with anxiety, she chooses this degree to help others who faced the same as her!

M.S. in Sustainable Management

Claire Jablonski
Claire Jablonski is a graduate of the M.S. in Sustainable Management program! Originally from Green Bay, WI, she chose this online program as it offers the flexibility for her to maintain a full-time job while also working toward her master's degree.

2020-2021 Academic Year

Master of Athletic Training

Jacob Boese
Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Jacob graduated from the Master of Athletic Training program here at UW-Green Bay! Jacob completed his undergraduate at UW-Green Bay before continuing to graduate school at this same institution because of the powerful connections formed with faculty and staff during his time in undergrad.

M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy

Claire Hetzel
Claire, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a recent graduate from the MS in Environmental Science and Policy program. She joined us at UW-Green Bay after completing her bachelors degree in Environmental Science at St. Norbert College. Claire chose the thesis degree option, with an emphasis on Ecosystem Studies. She was drawn to this program because she wanted a more in-depth curriculum in her area of interest, aquatic ecology, and the policies surrounding her research topic. Her research is focused on fish body shape changes in local streams.

Executive Impact MBA

Matt Adamczyk
Originally from Wisconsin, Matt currently works for Microsoft at Titletown Tech here in Green Bay! Matt chose the Executive Impact MBA program at UW-Green Bay because of its proximity to his work in the community, as well as its reputation for being innovative – going beyond the traditional MBA in that the program itself is flexible and geared towards working professionals! Students are encouraged to bring their real-life experiences to the classroom, emphasizing the importance of diversity among the professionals and professors in the room, so that the Impact MBA students receive a well-rounded education!

M.S. in Health and Wellness Management

Luceth Escandell
Luceth is a gradute in our Master’s in Health and Wellness program here at UW-Green Bay! Luceth graduated from UW-Green Bay with her bachelor’s degree, and chose to continue her graduate education here because of the school’s proximity to her family and the Green bay community. In choosing the HWM program, Luceth felt it was the perfect program that fit her needs and her career path. Luceth’s research focuses on serving under-represented communities in the healthcare industry, from examining educational programs to creating and revamping current services and practices to best serve these populations in Green Bay.

M.S. in Management

Cory Rouw
Cory is a graduate from our Master of Science in Management graduate program! Originally from Minnesota, Cory completed his undergrad at UW- Green Bay, and stayed to pursue his graduate studies. His biggest motivation for grad school was sustainability, as Cory would like to bring more sustainability practices into the work place!

Master of Social Work

Brittany Maas
Brittany is excited to help develop the social work profession further with her research on behavioral health virtual trainings. She says with covid, we are going to see a shift in how trainings are held and wants to make sure there are effective learning outcomes for virtual training. Brittany is also a teaching assistant with us, which sparked an interest in teaching and possibly pursuing a career in higher education after graduation. 

Amanda Clark
Amanda completed her undergraduate degree in Social work at UW-Green Bay before continuing on to our Master of Social work program. One of Amanda’s favorite aspects of the MSW program at UW-Green Bay is her total access to the faculty in her program, those professional relationships helped Amanda decide on pursuing her graduate degree at UW-Green Bay!

M.S. in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Anna Bomber
Originally from Freedom, Wisconsin, Anna, completed her bachelor's degree at UW-Green Bay before enrolling in the MS in Sports, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program. Anna is completing the applied track, and is currently a teaching assistant for the UWGB Music department, helping music students with psychological skill building, such as confidence building. Her favorite part of the program is the sense of community she feels with her classmates and that the program offers many opportunities to explore different areas.

Ellea Bachmeier
Ellea is a recent graduate in our Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology graduate program! She completed her bachelor's degree in her home state of North Dakota, and came to UW-Green Bay's Graduate Studies because of the faculty member's strong reputation! Learn more about Ellea's experience by watching her interview here!