Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I transfer credits?

    A maximum of 15 credits of graduate coursework completed at other institutions can be applied toward a UW-Green Bay master’s degree. Individual programs may accept fewer credits. Transfer courses can be approved by graduate faculty as direct equivalences to UW-Green Bay graduate courses. If granted as graduate elective credit to meet a program requirement, a course substitution is made. All outcomes, once approved, should be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar to be transacted on the academic record.

  2. Are there assistantships available?

    Currently only the Environmental Science & Policy program offers assistantships. Please check with your individual program to see if they will be offering assistantships in the future. 
    Application deadlines for ES&P Assistantships are:

    • Fall assistantship applications due: March 1st
    • Spring assistantship applications due: October 1st
  3. How does advising work?

    One of our primary goals is to help students succeed in their chosen program. Upon admission an advisor will automatically be assigned. Our faculty advisors will help you stay on track to meet your academic goals. UW-Green Bay is known for providing personalized developmental advising.

  4. Where do I learn more about Desire2Learn (D2L)?

    For instructions on the D2L software please visit

  5. What is the process for writing and submitting my thesis?

    You will be working closely with your advisor throughout the process of writing, submitting, and defending your thesis. For graduation in the fall and spring semesters, a student’s defense must be held before the last day of a semester. The student then has 20 calendar days after the last day of the semester to submit their final thesis/project document to the Office of Graduate Studies and 42 calendar days after the last day of the semester for all other graduation requirements to be completed and verified. For more information, please refer to the Thesis/Project Information tab.

  6. Is there a minimum continuing academic requirement?

    Yes. A student is in good academic standing if the student's cumulative grade point average is 3.00 or greater. At the end of each semester, the Office of Graduate Studies reviews the records of all registered, active graduate students. Every student is expected to maintain at least a 3.00 GPA on all work carried in every term, including summer session. Students who fail to maintain a cummulative GPA of 3.00 will face academic warnings, probation, or suspension.

  7. Are there child care options near campus?

    This information is for informational purposes only. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay does not represent directly or indirectly, that any product or service listed above has been approved or is endorsed by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, any employee, agent, or officer.

Just 4 Kids Child Care Center
Infant to Preschool
1.7 miles from campus
Contact: (920) 468-5626

Bright Beginnings Child Care
Infant to 13 y/o 
6.0 miles from campus 
Contact: (920) 469-1587

Encompass Early Education and Care
Infant to 12 y/o 
4.2 miles from campus 
Contact: (920) 436-7549

Celebration Academy 
Pre-k to Kindergarten
2.8 miles from campus
Contact: (920) 468-1122