Biographical Statement

Regan A. R. Gurung is Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Human Development and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Born and raised in Bombay, India, Dr. Gurung received a B.A. in psychology at Carleton College (MN), and a Masters and Ph.D. in social and personality psychology at the University of Washington (WA). He then spent three years at UCLA as a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Research fellow.

He has received numerous local, state, and national grants for his health psychological and social psychological research on cultural differences in stress, social support, smoking cessation, body image and impression formation. He has published articles in a variety of scholarly journals including Psychological Review and Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and Teaching of Psychology. He has a textbook, Health Psychology: A Cultural Approach, relating culture, development, and health published with Cengage (now in its third edition) and is also the co-author/co-editor of 12 other books (see CV). He has made over 100 presentations and given workshops nationally and internationally (e.g. Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand).

Dr. Gurung is also a dedicated teacher and has strong interests in enhancing faculty development and student understanding. He was Co-Director of the University of Wisconsin System Teaching Scholars Program, has been a UWGB Teaching Fellow, a UW System Teaching Scholar, and is winner of the CASE Wisconsin Professor of the Year, the UW System Regents Teaching Award, the UW-Green Bay Founder’s Award for Excellence in Teaching as well as the Founder’s Award for Scholarship, UW Teaching-at-its-Best, Creative Teaching, and Featured Faculty Awards. He has strong interests in teaching and pedagogy and has organized statewide and national teaching conferences, is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Midwestern Psychological Association. He has served on the Div.2 (Teaching of Psychology) Taskforce for Diversity, as Chair of the Div. 38 (Health Psychology) Education and Training Council, and as President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. He is the newly appointed founding Editor of APA's journal SoTL in Psychology (January 2014).

When not helping people stay calm, reading and writing, Dr. Gurung enjoys culinary explorations, travel, time with his two children, and avoiding political discussions of any kind.