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Greg Balza

What did you like most about studying history at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay?

May be a simple question, but the answer is not so easy to answer. There are many things that I enjoyed during my time in the History Department. The thing I enjoyed the most would be the good discussions between students and professors during class. Real discussions, not the swearing matches that you see on Facebook or the childish debates that air on TV. Good arguments backed up with historical text, examples, first person sources. Even though I did not win all the discussions I was in, it was an excellent exercise and use of the mind.

Did you have an internship and/or work with a professor on any special project? If so, what project?

I would have been working with Dr. Sherman with her Viking Long House Project, but it was started just after I left. As an Alumni I do plan on going back to help out with any future projects that may come up.

What are you currently doing with your history degree?

I currently work at the National Railroad Museum as Volunteer Coordinator.