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Katie Walkner

What did you like most about studying history at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay?

I loved the interdisciplinary approach, the focus on creativity, and the instructors. History is so much more than dates and events! The courses that I took during my time at UWGB highlighted the interconnectedness of history, literature, philosophy, science, and the arts. Student projects encouraged creativity while honoring valuable skills: mock trials and simulation games sharpened critical thinking and collaboration while group project and presentations allowed for creative freedom and the opportunity to engage history through a hands on approach.

Did you have an internship and/or work with a professor on any special project? If so, what project?

I completed a humanities internship at the National Railroad Museum which provided me with tangible experience and bolstered my graduate school application and CV. I also had the opportunity to complete an independent study with Prof. Sherman. This was invaluable as it pushed me to do in depth, individual research. The skills I acquired during this experience laid a strong foundation for graduate level work after graduation.

What are you currently doing with your history degree?

I am currently the History Department Chair and Division Director for Arts and Humanities in the School of Liberal Arts at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family in Manitowoc, WI. I get to share my passion for history, fostered in the UW-Green Bay History Department, with my students each and every day!