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Kayla Filen

What did you like most about studying history at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay?

What I liked most about the UWGB history department was the passion for history from the professors and students alike. I loved coming to class, whether it was lectures, class discussions, readings, or research, I always took something away.

Did you have an internship and/or work with a professor on any special project? If so, what project?

Yes, my first internship was at the History Museum in Appleton with the curator. My main focus was conducting research for an exhibit that was to open the following year. I also assisted in moving objects from their current storage space to a new facility. My second internship was with Voyageur Magazine as an assistant editor. I also worked at Heritage Hill State Park during the summer. Each of these provided me with a variety of skills and relationships that helped me get where I am today.

What are you currently doing with your history degree?

Currently, I am the Interpretive Events Coordinator at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay. I plan their historic and fundraising events, which entails conducting research, developing programs, working with members of the community, and seeking sponsorship funding to help support the mission of Heritage Hill. The Park has provided me with an amazing and unique experience that allows me to study history and work outdoors. I am also pursuing my Master’s degree in Museum Studies through the University of Oklahoma. I will be working on writing my thesis this year and plan to graduate in December.