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2021 Site Visit Overview

The last and most important element of the comprehensive accreditation review process is the Peer Review Team Site Visit, which will occur on October 4-5, 2021. It is the Peer Review Team’s responsibility to review all of the documentation that has been prepared and to meet with the University’s constituents. The full process is described on the HLC Comprehensive Evaluation Visit page.

Open Forum Schedule

Monday, October 4, 2021 

Time Criteria
9:45-10:30 a.m. Criterion 1
11:00-11:45 a.m. Criteria 2 and 5
1:15-2:00 a.m. Criteria 3 and 4

5 Key Criteria

The fora are organized according to the five criteria of the Assurance Argument we have submitted to the HLC review team.  The Assurance Argument is a narrative document that thoroughly describes how our university meets the requirements of five key criteria, and assures the quality of the education we deliver.  They are described as follows: 

  1. The institution’s mission is clear and articulated publicly; it guides the institution’s operations. 
  2. The institution acts with integrity; its conduct is ethical and responsible. 
  3. The institution provides quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered.   
  4. The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs, learning environments, and support services, and it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement.   
  5. The institution’s resources, structures, processes, and planning are sufficient to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its educational offerings, and respond to future challenges and opportunities.   

Virtual Sessions, Attendance is Encouraged

Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to attend one or more of the open fora as schedules allow. They will be held virtually, making it easy to come and go as needed. Robust participation in the fora demonstrates our strong commitment to the university and the education we provide to our students. Please make a positive impression on our reviewers.

Coutney Sherman


Contact our University's Accreditation Liaison Officer Courtney Sherman, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, for all questions and comments.

Phone: (920) 465-2463