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Preparing for the Visit

On October 4-5, 2021, a team of peer reviewers from the Higher Learning Commission will visit UWGB. While at UWGB, the team will hold several meetings with individuals and groups as well as hold a few open sessions to meet with faculty, staff, and students.  They may also talk with members of the campus community as they move around campus.  You can contribute to a positive review by taking some time to prepare for the visit and by being available to meet with the team:

  1. Review
    1. The University’s Mission
    2. The University’s Strategic Vision
    3. The University’s Commitment to Education
    4. Consider how your office, department, unit, or division contributes to one or more of these statements.
  2. Review Assurance Argument UWGB’s Assurance Argument, especially those criteria to which you, your office, or your department contribute the most.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the University’s Strategic Plan.
  4. Review Academic Affairs Strategic Priorities
  5. Review the University’s new Institutional Learning Outcomes and consider how which you, your office, or your department help the institution meet them.
  6. Review the Multi-location Visit Institutional Report
  7. Review UWGB COVID-19 Planning and Process Changes Report
  8. Review Possible Questions from the Review Team
  9. Attend one of the Accreditation Fora in September.
General Note on the UW Colleges and Extension Restructuring Project and Accreditation

Some language used by the HLC has particular meaning in the context of accreditation.  In UWGB’s case, this pertains to “merger”, “branch campus”, and “additional location”.

  • Mergers are explained on the HLC’s Change of Control, Structure or Organization page.  A merger is a “consolidation of an institution with one or more institutions or entities”.  While it might seem that the UW Colleges and Extension Restructuring Project - known as Project Coastal at UWGB - was a merger, in fact it wasn’t, according to the HLC.  The reason for that is mergers pertain to separate institutions.  The UW Colleges and UW Green Bay were all part of the UW System.  Therefore, what actually happened was a “restructuring”, as indicated in the official project title.