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EPICs are groups of students who are interested in planning some of the fun activities for their cluster of residence halls and apartments. No experience is necessary. All students are welcome to come, make suggestions, and help plan some evening or weekend festivities. Residence Life will fund each EPIC group with a starting budget to support their programming efforts.

One Residential Education Coordinator (REC), a professional staff member working for Residence Life, will advise each of the four EPIC groups. RECs will advise by helping students get to know each other, helping to generate ideas, making sure the EPIC group is following university policies, and handling the purchasing and coordination of supplies and refreshments.

There are so many ideas that EPICs might consider - game nights, dances, volleyball, craft nights, karaoke, game shows, basketball, off-campus movie nights, water polo, PS4 nights, golf, camping, etc. Let your imagination run!

All students are welcome to participate in EPIC planning groups and activities whether they live in that area or not. Off-campus students are invited!

Ask your building RAs about EPICs today!

Arlene Walter, Byron Walter, Ted Lenfestey Halls & 3312, 3314, 3316
Amy Mauk

R.E. Small, Cletus Vanderperren, Robert Warren Halls & 3318, 3322, 3324
Nicole Kurth

Donald Long, Bob Schaefer, James Temp Halls & 3326, 3332, 3334
James Zarling

John Robishaw, Donald Harden, Roy Downham Halls
Jeff Willems