Guest and Visitors
Guests are defined as anyone not currently assigned to live in the host room/apartment. UWGB residents may host one overnight guest of any gender for up to 72 consecutive hours to not exceed nine (9) nights per month total for all guests. Residents wanting to host multiple guests during one overnight period must secure permission to do so from their Residential Education Coordinator. Overnight guests are not permitted until all room/apartment occupants have completed a Roommate Agreement form, and filed it with the Resident Assistant. In cases where roommates cannot agree, the right of a resident to occupy his or her room/apartment without the presence of an overnight guest takes precedence over the right of a roommate to host an overnight guest. Additionally, each overnight guest is limited to staying in UWGB housing for no more than nine (9) nights per month regardless of host room/apartment. 

For safety and security reasons, hosts are required to register their overnight guest via the Housing and Residential Education website. Hosts are responsible for their guest's conduct during their visit, and must accompany their guest at all times. Residents may not allow a guest to use their ID card/PIN for building/room access purposes. Residents who abuse this policy may forfeit the privilege of hosting guests in their campus residence, and may be subject to disciplinary action for any guest misconduct, including liability for any guest-related damages.

Residents who host guests must register the guest(s) on-line.   

Guest vehicles are monitored as part of the UWGB virtual parking permit system. All guests who visit more than 5 calendar days per semester must purchase a virtual parking permit from the Student Resources office. Guests who arrive by automobile and do not have a virtual parking permit must register for parking online using the ParkMobile App for each visit.  See the University Parking web site for more information.

All overnight visitors must park in the Studio Arts Parking Lot.

Violations of the guest policy will result in hall staff asking guest to immediately leave.  Hosts will have additional consequences regarding guest policy violations. Violations of policies which may have a negative impact on the peace, quiet or safety of the community may result in termination of your housing contact.