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Office of Residence Life



In light of the continuing concerns regarding COVID-19, both on campus, and in the community, we are making updates to our guest policy until the COVID concern passes.  

  • Effective immediately, residents are highly discouraged from having any guests come to campus.   The number of COVID-19 cases in Brown County, as well as the rest of the state, is climbing and each guest coming to campus brings a risk that the host, and other residents of the hall, could become infected, and spread it to the rest of the residents. 
  • If you must have a guest, it is limited to one guest at a time, for only two hours at a time.  
  • No guests will be allowed to stay overnight.  Guests will only be allowed to visit from 9am to midnight each day. 
  • Hosts must register their guests with the Office of Residence Life online. Hosts must be in the company of the guest or visitor in all public areas of the building. 
Whether you have a non-resident guest, or are just interacting with other residents of you hall, please follow the stated guidelines at all times.
  • Keep your social distance:   Remain at least 6 feet apart as much as possible.   When passing other residents in the hallways, do your best to stay to one side of the hall and avoid any contact.
  • Keep washing your hands: Before you leave your room/apartment, wash your hands in case you are a carrier and do not know it yet so as not to spread the virus as you touch stair rails, door handles, etc. in common spaces.   And when you return, wash your hands again should any of those common surfaces be contaminated.
  • Before inviting a guest to your room/apt, please be sure to check with all other roommates to ensure they are comfortable with the guest’s presence.  If they are not, respect their request for health and safety of themselves and others.

In addition to this guest policy, a reminder that all other campus and housing policies remain in place.  Visitors must follow University policies and regulations. The conduct of guests is the hosts' responsibility. Nonresidents may be in on-campus residences only if they are visitors or guests of a resident. If requested by University personnel, guests and hosts must present proper identification. Failure to do so may result in referral to the Judicial Affairs office. Violations of policies which may have a negative impact on the peace, quiet and safety of the community may result in termination of your housing contact with only 48 hours to move out.
Please contact the Office of Residence Life, housing@uwgb.edu (920) 465-2040 if you have any questions.