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Office of Residence Life



COVID-19 Guest Policy
In light of the continuing health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19 the Office of Residence Life is making updates to the guest policy until the COVID-19 Pandemic concern passes.  The policy was drafted in order to protect students, faculty and staff of the UW Green Bay community. 

  • Only UWGB students will be able to be guests within the Residence Life buildings.  Residential students who may need to meet any non-students, such as family members or significant others, to exchange an item or get a ride, will need to make arrangements to meet outside of their building.
  • Expectations regarding guests within your room/apartment must be outlined in detail in your Roommate Agreement form which can be completed here (.  Until a completed roommate agreement signed by all roommates is on file, no guests are allowed within your room/apartment after move in.
  • No guests will be allowed to stay overnight.  Residents may not host any guests during quiet hours (Sunday - Thursday, 11:00 p.m. - 9:00 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11:59 p.m. - 9:00 a.m.).
  •  Residents are highly discouraged from having any guests come to campus.   Each guest coming to campus brings a risk that the host, and other residents of the hall, could become infected, and spread the virus to members of the campus community. 
  • Guests may only be present for a total of three hours at a time. 
  • All guests and their hosts are expected to wear a face covering during their time together on campus. 
  • Residents may only have one guest at a time per residence hall room space and a maximum of two guests at a time per apartment space, regardless of how many residents occupy the room/apartmen
Whether you have a non-resident student guest, or are just interacting with other residents of you hall, please follow these guidelines at all times.
  • Keep your social distance:   Remain at least 6 feet apart as much as possible.   When passing other residents in the hallways, do your best to stay to one side of the hall and avoid any contact. Students and guests should wear masks in any common area of residential buildings outside their own room or apartment space.
  • Maintain handwashing hygiene: Before you leave your room/apartment, wash your hands in case you are a carrier and do not know it yet so as not to spread the virus as you touch stair rails, door handles, etc. in common spaces.   And when you return, wash your hands again should any of those common surfaces be contaminated, to reduce the risk of infection of yourself and roommates.
  • Before inviting a guest to your room/apt, confirm with all other roommates to ensure they are comfortable with the guest’s presence.  If they are not, respect their request for health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Residents are encouraged to utilize outside space for gatherings with resident or non-resident guests.  Please be aware of room capacity limits which will be posted within each common area lounge space. 
Violations of the guest policy will result in hall staff asking guest to immediately leave, hosts will have additional consequences regarding guest policy violations.  All other housing and campus policies remain in place and will be addressed as usual.  Violations of policies which may have a negative impact on the peace, quiet or safety of the community may result in termination of your housing contact with only 48 hours to move out.