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Office of Residence Life


Incoming LGBTQ+ Students

2015 UWGB SAIL Housing Community group photo

So you are an incoming freshmen or transfer student wondering if SAIL is for you. Well, here are a few things to consider…

  • The intent of the community is to give LGBTQ students a place where they can truly be themselves. Our goal is that the community extends beyond their apartment to the entire floor.
  • SAIL residents do NOT disclose their identity in their application to Residence Life, nor is there any administrative ‘labeling’ of students.
  • Residence Life is prohibited by law from sharing any student’s location with others. Therefore, no one can find out from Residence Life what room or hall you live in.
  • Would you be comfortable being associated with an LGBTQ community regardless of whether you identify as queer, trans, gay, lesbian, bi, etc…. or an ally?
  • Are you willing to strive to educate yourself and others on inclusivity topics? (LGBTQ and gender issues, oppression, discrimination and/or other social justice issues)
  • Living in the SAIL community does not prevent all roommate concerns. It takes effort on everyone’s part to live in an apartment together. Timely and healthy communication is crucial for happy apartment-mates. A SAIL Resident Assistant (student) and Area Coordinator (professional staff) are always accessible to help if difficulties arise within an apartment.