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Office of Residence Life


SAIL Testimonials

  • SAIL has done an amazing amount for me in the short time it has existed. Without SAIL, I would not live on campus, or be as active in the campus community as I am. I feel like I can be myself without fear because I have a safe place to live. Since we are able to bring our full selves to our living community, we can give more to the campus. SAIL is great.
  • I love being able to feel safe and comfortable walking though the hallway to my apartment, knowing that my neighbors support me.
  • It feels amazing to live in a place where I know I'm supported by Res Life.
  • It's a wonderful, safe and inclusive space that is a really relaxing environment for the members of our community to be in. There's a lot of joy in the community that Sail has created for us, and a lot of common ground. There's a vibe of harmony and working together to get things done, to continue to try to change things for the better at our school. Sail is just one step in the process, to spread the influence farther. Hopefully we can have SAIL in other buildings as well in the future.
  • It's cool that SAIL has extra meetings and social times for us to get to know each other in a safe environment. It keeps me connected with the community and housing.
  • We love knowing that our RA has been trained on LGBTQA things and understands the experiences that we have. Our RA made sure to ask everyone's pronouns and preferred names when we moved in, and every time he makes a name tag for the door he checks it with us to make sure we have a name that fits us. It's the extra little things that really make this community and living space feel so safe and inclusive.
  • If housing did not offer this safe and inclusive place to live, I would not be living on campus right now or in the future. Sail makes me feel so supported for who I am.

Staff contacts for the SAIL community

Joanie Dovekas, Assistant Director   - Administrator of SAIL

MJ Miller, Area Coordinator   - Supervisor of SAIL Community 

Kelly Steffes, University Services Program Associate - Room Assignment Coordinator for SAIL