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Office of Residence Life


Roompact - Roommate Agreements

If you haven't completed your roommate agreement a reminder will pop-up each time you log in to Roompact.Roompact

You can also click on one of the links to get to your roommate agreement.RoompactRoompact

Use these Roommate Discussion Items to make sure all the important items are discussed.

Use this Roommate Agreements Process document for more guidance on completing your Roommate Agreement.

! Don't forget - Roommate Agreements must be completed by Friday, September 13th.




  • Log In To Roompact

    Roompact uses single-sign on. Residents should log in using their campus email address and password. For detailed instructions review the Login Instructions

  • Opt out of text messages

    Residents can opt out of text messages sent via Roompact by replying to a text with the word STOP. That will unsubscribe the resident from text messaging and they will not receive further text messages. If the resident changes their mind and decides they’d like to receive Roompact text messages again, they can reply with START or UNSTOP to reverse the process.

  • Hub Discussions

    Start a discussion with other residents simply by posting a question or comment on the Hub. All discussions posted by residents are posted organization-wide and are visible by all residents. Resident discussion drafting box

    Questions or discussions sent by an RA/CA or other staff member may be targeted to a specific building or area instead of being organization-wide. Responses to those messages will also be limited to the target audience.

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